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Biya Declares National Mourning Day From Europe



President Biya on his Facebook page wrote” My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of the #CAMRAIL train derailment in #Eseka. Over 70 passengers died and 600 wounded in the accident. I instructed the government to provide full assistance to the survivors, while investigations will be made to determine the cause of the derailment.#Cameroon..” And just now he has declared Monday 24th a National Mourning day. It should be recalled that Biya is still in Europe.

Biyais decree

Biya’s decree

However, I am particularly praying for all those still in critical conditions at the hospitals and for those who lost love ones to have comfort at this trying times. But again, it is fair to say these are disasters which could be avoided. Some disasters are avoided. Cameroun present government is not just there.

While President Biya gallivants in Europe, in a functional democracy, the parliament could have taken a position, politicians will talk to the people and the civil society will act. I am afraid not to mention a no-nonsense army who will not see a President sits out for that long. But again, Mr. Biya does not care, he can stay more than a month out and while the country burns, it is fair to say CPDM sycophants and some Cameroonians will still call on Biya to lead.

These disasters are as a direct result of the total neglect and failure of the Biya’s regime and it is time he goes.

God is still saying something.

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