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BaretaNews Statement On The Struggle: The Two Options



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Statement From BaretaNews.

As we forged ahead in this struggle, we must understand that opinions from other Southern Cameroonians count and that’s what make Southern Cameroons unique. Such opinions should gear towards restoration be it restoration of former West Cameroon statehood or restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence.

The strategies we currently put forth as we fight La Republique should lead us to an end point which should be referendum at least if we must end this peacefully.

Let us recalled that in 1961 when the UN imposed on our parents just the two options of either joining Nigeria or Cameroun, though joining Cameroun was very popular, a huge segment of our people voted to join Nigeria. Therefore, opinions will vary.

In this current struggle, no one will deny the fact that restoration of independence is very popular amongst our people at least over 90 percent. That does not take away the opinions of those who think a federated Cameroon is better. BaretaNews understands that Southern Cameroonians are very correct to have nothing to do with Cameroun because of the ways we have been treated and are currently being treated.

Hon. Wirba has always stood for a two-state federation. That is the fact and like others, their opinions count. Therefore, everyone should have their say in a referendum.

What we should be pushing now should be a referendum which includes the first option which is separation so that Southern Cameroonians would have their say.

Now on behalf of BaretaNews, let me just say this and this is the fact. Whatever restoration we need would only come in through these two options.

1. Referendum to decide Federation or independence. This will come through dialogue with the help of the international community. It’s the peaceful method.

2. Arms struggle becomes inevitable to achieve only independence. This way we invite the UN.

These are our two options so let’s not kill ourselves over federation or independence. We know what we want, we go for it.

Meanwhile Ghost towns continue. We must frustrate La Republique plans tomorrow. Continue calling and texting.

The struggle continues.
Mark Bareta.

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