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Return to Pre-1972 Federation or Welcome Ambazonia – US Diplomat Warns Yaoundé



Pre-1972 Federation Cameroon- Ambazonia

Return to Pre-1972 Federation Within One Year or Welcome Ambazonia – US Diplomat Warns Yaoundé

A prominent United States Diplomat has warned the colonial terrorist regime of French Cameroun that; time is running out for it to revert to the pre-1972 Federal Structure within one year or see Ambazonia actualized. In a twit on September 18 2018 on his official twitter handle @CohenOnAfrica, Herman J Cohen, former U.S Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs twitted that;

“Time is running out for the #Cameroon Government in the anglophone regions. Return to the pre-1972 federation within one year, or face total secession into “Ambazonia.”

The U.S Diplomat had earlier twitted on September 10, 2018 that:

“#Cameroon leadership needs to end its state of denial over anglophone separatists, who have unlimited support from ethnic brothers in #Nigeria, and seriously consider return to the Federal System that existed before the illegal 1972 referendum”

Herman Jay Cohen is a US Diplomat and specialist on African affairs. He served as United States Ambassador to The Gambia and Senegal in 1977, Principal Secretary of States for Intelligence and Research, Special Assistant to the US President and Senior Director for Africa on the US National Security Council 1987-1989 and Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs between 1989 and 1993.

Cohen also served as a Senior advisor to the Global Coalition for Africa before becoming a Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies for 12 years. He is also known for haven negotiated the end to the Ethiopian Vs Eritrea war in 1991, and the conflicts in Angola and Mozambique. The diplomat is currently the President and CEO of the Cohen and Woods International among other positions.

If the diplomat says time is running out for the colonial Yaoundé regime in the Ambazonia equation, it means that the U.S Government might have already given the Biya regime this advice warning a long time ago, to revert to the pre-1972 structure of the state or have to deal with the newest nation carved out from the present structure. The colonial regime therefore might just be receiving a reminder of what it has been asked to do probably since 2017.

Is the Pre-1972 illegal Federation all what Ambazonians have been fighting and dying for since 2016?

So far as this generation of Southern Cameroonians and Ambazonians are concern, even the pre-1972 Federal Structure which Ambassador Cohen refers to in his twit was absolutely illegal and did not conform with the standards and recommendations of the UN chatter and UN Resolution 1608 which granted independence to the former British Southern Cameroons.

The pre-1972 Federation is not the wish of the majority of Ambazonians and so is not what Restoration Forces and innocent Ambazonians have been laying down their lives to attain. The Never Again Generation is out to address the problem from its roots once and for all so that their children shall never again have to live in slavery and servitude under any colonial architecture.

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