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September 22, 2017; the Day Ambazonians Vomited French Cameroun, Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe Day in 2018



Ambazonians Mass Protest

September 22, 2017; the Day Ambazonians Vomited French Cameroun, Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe Day in 2018

In 1986, the CIA had predicted as a challenge to the Biya regime that …the Anglophone minority is a potential time bomb and should the government fail to respect their cultural and linguistic traditions … an outbreak of violence … would be a significant setback blow to Biya’s effort to develop national unity and reconciliation”

In 2017, at the Cameroun National Assembly, the defiant Hon. Joseph Wirba, of the Jakiri Special Constituency, while addressing his colleagues on the Southern Cameroons crisis, made it vehemently clear that …”When the People Shall rise, even if you bring the whole of the French army and add to yours, you shall not be able to stop them”

On Friday, 22nd September, 2017, millions Southern Cameroonians, from the hamlets to metropolises at home and in the entire diaspora, sent shock waves to the entire world with just one message; the 56 years colonial occupation of the Southern Cameroons by La Republic du Cameroon is over. From little children of 5 years old to grandmas and grandpas of over 90 years, the message was the same; Ambazonia is rising to fall no more.

As early as 8:30 am that fateful friday, the small village of Bafia in Muyuka lighted the peaceful protest candle with a mammoth crowd of over 5000 persons, chanting patriotic/freedom songs and matching towards the Chief’s palace with green branches, and the blue and white colours of Ambazonia, as was instructed by the then Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Governing Council (SCAGC) headed by His Excellency Sissiku Julius Ayuk-Tabe. Before the spectacular videos and images from Bafia could be digested on social media, Ekona had caught the fire and that is how the unquenchable peaceful protest flames kept on burning the entire Southern Cameroons, until the early evening hours of that day.

In the diaspora, while Southern Cameroonians took hostage UN headquarters in their host countries, the show down of the day was at the UN headquarters in New York where the two distinct peoples of Southern Cameroons and La Republic du Cameroon challenged each other in what many described as the biggest protest in the history of protests at the UN Plaza in New York. From the messages emanating from the two protesting camps, it was crystal clear to the world that the Cameroons is made up of two distinct Countries, the British Southern Cameroons and La Republic du Cameroon.

Outstanding in the New York protest was the reunion between leaders of the various Southern Cameroons revolutionary movements such as MoRISC, AGC, SCNC, SCYL and above all umbrella body SCACUF and the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Governing Council (SCAGC).

As the population retreated to their homes and destinations towards the end of the day, an estimated 2.5 million Southern Cameroonians both home and abroad were said to have participated in the protests. The message had been sent to whoever cared to listen; Free All Arrested and Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia must be free and the time is NOW. Those who thought that the Restoration Movement was made up of a few self-seeking and misguided “secessionists” understood better the reality of the Independence Restoration movement. By night fall that, La Republic du Cameroon and her privileged, anti-revolutionary house slaves who believe in a certain one and indivisible Cameroun were already leaking their wounds.

Fridady September 22, 2017 was however not without some casualties on the side of the peaceful protesters, as many Ambalanders were shot with live ammunition on land and from the air, with more than 36 deaths recorded, many wounded and hundreds arrested by colonial terrorist forces. Surprisingly, the shootings were not only carried out by the brute colonial forces, but also allegedly by colonial administrators, notably the Senior Divisional Officer for Manyu County and the colonial Mayor of Buea.

A greater number of Ambazonians generally believe that the events of Friday September 22, 2017 was an overwhelming approval of the revolutionary leadership H.E Sissiku Julius Ayuk-Tabe. As the Chairman of the then Governing Council, he supervised the mobilization of Ambazonians across the world to make the day was a success, thereby sending a clear message to French Cameroun and the world that it was not going to be business again as usual. As the Acting President of the Interim Government (IG) puts it, that day has been in scripted in the hard books of our history that “we the people” of Ambazonia gave a mandate to His Excellency Sissiku Julius AyukTabe to declare the restoration of our stolen independence.

His subsequent kidnap, alongside nine other members of his Cabinet in Nera Hotel Nigeria by Nigerian Security agents in complicity with Yaoundé, and their incarceration in a French Cameroun gulag, is testament to the fact that the enemy saw him as the arrow head of the revolution, and so applied the popular saying that; strike the shepherd and the sheep will all scatter. Unfortunately for them, they failed.

One year after the September 22 massive global peaceful protest by Ambazonians, and considering the continuous incarceration of H.E Julius Ayuk-Tabe and his crew, the Interim Government of Ambazonia, under the leadership of Acting President Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako, has seen the need to tag Saturday September 22, 2018 in Ambazonia as SISSIKU AYUK-TABE DAY.

While thanking all Ambazonians, from frontline leaders to activists and the people, Dr. Sako and his team have called for love and greater collaboration among Ambazonian revolutionary factions.

“We therefore call on every Ambazonian to join the love train. Join us as we mobilize ourselves in the diaspora to raise funds on what is known as SISIKU AYUKTABE SOLIDARITY FUND DRIVE. These funds shall be raised through our different platforms, groups, communities, Local government areas, and Counties. These funds shall be channeled to our detained leaders, to their family members, the Internally displaced and Ambazonian refugees in neighboring countries.” He notes.

On September 22, 2017, Southern Cameroonians matched with their peace plants and chanted patriotic and freedom songs for Ambazonia. One year After, the streets of Ambazonia are are soaked with the blood of innocent citizens and gallant Ambalanders who have decided to defend themselves against the colonial terrorist regime that declared war on the sovereign people on September 30, 2017.

As the international community silently watches the ongoing genocide and massacre of innocent citizens, the people have refused to give up on their determination to free the homeland. It is either a Free Ambazonia or nothing.

Happy Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe Day

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