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Popular Action Party Joins The Chorus: No School Resumption








PAP joins the people of Anglophone Cameroon to say there shall be no school resumption come 2017/2018 academic year. Calls for the release of their Chairman Ayah Paul Abine and others in jail. Below is the press statement


Popular Action Party, PAP has been an active crusader for the peaceful resolution of the Anglophone Crisis. Consultations with sister political parties cum our field experiences with the people and opinion leaders of the two English Speaking Regions of North West and South West stand us in good stead to authoritatively make the following statements:

1. That the solutions recommended by PAP, other stakeholders including other political parties and the international Community (the UK, EU and AU) viz.

– the unconditional release of HRH Hon. Lord Justice AYAH Paul ABINE (the PAP President) and all others abducted in connection with the ongoing crisis;

– the organization of constructive dialogue between the two peoples that make up Cameroon with a third party in attendance;

– the insistence of the United Nations that the Republic of Cameroon engage the ‘outstanding root cause’ of the problem;

have been completely nose-thumbed by the Government of the Republic of Cameroon.


2. It follows that the solutions proposed by the Government of the Republic of Cameroon are cosmetic and glaringly ill-intentioned; they cannot, therefore, in any way, shape or form be seen or perceive to solve the fundamental problem of the people of Anglophone Cameroon;

In view of the above, Popular Action Party, PAP cannot in good conscience call for school resumption. We join our voice with that of the people of the two Anglophone Regions to boycott 2017/2018 academic year in Anglophone Cameroon. Such a boycott will automatically end from the day the Government of Cameroon commits to genuine efforts in resolving the problem as espoused in points (1) & (2) above.

Akoson A. Raymond,

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