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LRC Defense Boss In Manyu County Amid Heavy Military Casualties From Restoration Forces








Joseph Beti Assomo, Colonial Defense Minister Delegate of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) has arrived Manyu County, Southern Zone, to spend New Year with troops. He is coming at a time the colonial military of LRC are heaping heavy casualties from the Tigers, Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF), and many other restoration forces within Manyu.

Assomo is expected to boost the morals of his army especially as many are now defecting to the camp of ADF and other restoration forces. According to Brigadier General Melingui Nouma, one of the generals of LRC presently in Manyu, the war against ADF has become even tougher as many LRC soldiers have joined the Ambazonian forces, giving rigidity to the deadly squad.

Speaking on a Western Media, Television Cinq (TV5) Monde, the military general added that the invincibility of the ADF, coupled with conventional trainings from White mercenaries, the Ambazonian military have become invincible for LRC army.

“We know that they are trained by foreigners including some mercenaries and there are also some Cameroonian soldiers who have deserted the army to join them (Ambazonia troops) and are now training them,” General Melingui Nouma added.

Assomo to hold military talks with Army generals

The LRC Defense Boss will have a common diner with the colonial forces at the Besong-Abang military base, preceding the End of Year Speech of Paul Biya, President of LRC.

Beti Assomo’s visit to Manyu preceded a heavy military deployment of Military hardware and forces to Manyu. On Friday, LRC deployed his deadliest military squad, RASS (Retigent Antelope’s Sol Sol). This squad is expected to break into the forest and engage in heavy fighting with ADF.

Beti Assomo’s transition from Tiko, Mutengene, Buea, Kumba to Manyu was marked by heavy military deployment that impeded traffic for several hours. Eyewitnesses say his convoy was made up of forces with ballistic missiles and air troopers, all heading to Manyu.

Insight sources information say come January 5, 2018, the Defense Forces of LRC will begin launching different operations into the Manyu forests. The first, according to sources, will be the Operation Antelope.

It is evident that LRC is in for a full-blown war against ADF. However, Ambazonians from around the globe have thrown their weight behind the ADF, to combat LRC military.

AmbaNews is reporting that Ambazonians In Washington DC have raised circa 16 million CFA within 24hrs in a campaign called OperationDonate $500. The move is to fund the government as it doubles efforts to completely liberate its nation.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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