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Ambazonia war: FDFA reveals striking information about Swiss dialogue.



Ambazonia war: FDFA reveals striking information about Swiss dialogue.

By Mbah Godlove

Switzerland’s Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) says the Biya recently announced dialogue is different from what she had initially convened, to bring lasting peace as a result of the Ambazonia war of independence.

In a document released on September 25, FDFA unequivocally revealed that the country “adheres to the principles of strick neutrality and discretion”.

They emphasized that their “good will” offices are moved by humanitarian concerns — insinuating that, the Biya baby killer regime will be held culpable for its multiple atrocities; over 2000 deaths of Southern Cameroonians.

“Switzerland took note of the announcement by the President of the Republic [Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun] of the ‘Major National Dialogue’,” the document partly states.

It furthers that, the dialogue announced by the President to run from September 30 – October 4, is not similar to what the Swiss government had opted to mediate for, months ago.

“These are two distinct processes whose interactions are the subject of ongoing confidential discussions with all parties.”

When Switzerland indicated her willingness to mediate between Ambazonians and neighboring LRC dictator, Biya — to seek for lasting peace between both countries, it wanted a peace deal without any preconceived agenda.

However, the colonial regime of LRC, for fear of being exposed in such a dialogue organized by a credible institution such as the FDFA, decided to announce a window dressing national dialogue.

Swiss Letter To Public

Ambazonian front line leaders such as Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas of the Ambazonian governing council, the Interim Government, as well as the Ground Zero Defense Council, have described the Biya dialogue scheme as a “nonevent”.

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