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Send Your Children To School First, Then We Follow – Parents To Fako Administrators









Parents of Fako Division have sent a very strong message to Fako administrators advocating for children to resume school come next Monday September 4, 2017. The parents have requested the Senior Division Officer (SDO) for Fako and his collaborators to lead the way for children to return to school, before they (parents) will be convinced to send theirs.

A parent erring his grievances

The parents echoed the strong message recently during an enlarge meeting organised by the Fako boss, Emmanuel Engama Ledoux, to lieu parents to send their back to school. The meeting organised at the Limbe City Council deliberative Chambers, was attended by a cross section of parents in Fako, municipal and administrative authorities, politicians, and youths.

According to parents, a lot of insecurity looms in the air. It would be unthoughtful to send their children to school who risk being hurt by some unknown people. The parents advised Fako authorities to take the lead by sending their children first before others will follow.

“Every day we hear burning here and there around the division. We cannot risk our children’s life by sending them to schools that can be attacked. We wish for Fako authorities to send their children first, and after one week of observation, we can begin sending ours,” A parent said in the hall.

All security assurances given by the authorities seemed to have fallen to deaf ears as parents kept on insisting the environment is unsuitable for effective resumption of schools. Parents even feared for the safety of their children in the hands of the security forces. They condemned the arbitrary arrest of Anglophones and being fared to Yaounde.

“We are not happy with the way Anglophones are being arrested here and there. It is gradually becoming a normalcy for people to be picked on the streets and immediately fared to Yaounde. How are we sure some of our children will not be picked in school and taken to Yaounde as well?” questioned another parent.

Corroborating some of the points of the parents, Senator Mbella Moki Charles said municipal, administrative, and even traditional authorities must first take their children to school, to prove to the world that they practice what they preach.

Emmanuel Ledoux, Fako SDO

“There’s a gap between learners and school. We the parents can only fill that gap. Come September 4, I implore everyone, politicians, traditional authorities, municipal authorities, and even administrators, to hold their children by the hand and take them to school,” Mbela Moki said.

The meeting wrapped up with the SDO literally begging parents to secure his job as their divisional administrator, by sending their children back to school. He even cajoled some parents by saying his administration is willing to fund the tuition of any parent who is unable to afford school fees for the academic year.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor, BaretaNews

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