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Developing Story- Colonial D.O Rounded UP Councillors And Chiefs For Non School Resumption








Developing Story- DO Rounded UP Councillors And Chiefs For Non School Resumption.

BaretaNews is getting confirm information that it was an intimidation treat on 12 September by the colonial D.O of Tombel. We are told after blowing alarm of a fake note that was planted on the school campus, the head teacher of GS Mbabe, a locality about 20km from Tombel Town, – one Etuge Denis ENONGENE (685672465, 673530463) rushed to the D.O. & told stories. The D.O, Mr Nyam Leonard Njowin (674463292) left Tombel and immediately rounded up all councilors including the Chief, intimidating and threatening to lock them up!

After grounding them for a whole day and asking a series of questions, he let them go with a forced condition that they must announce the resumption of schools and forward all the names of parents who would defy the order. The announcement went out the next day. The colonial officer promises to undertake a follow-up tour to the village. He then sent them to the Tombel gendarmerie where they were detained the whole day and only released late in the evening.

Their ID cards were seized which have not been refunded till today. The DO has told them until they make school resumption a success can they be handed their ID cards.

This is what our people have been made to go through. They now use colonial DO to force our people. We continue to say NO SCHOOL RESUMPTION UNTIL GOVERNING COUNCIL SAYS SO

Mark Bareta


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