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Colonial DDR Centers Turn Organ For Secret Intelligence



Colonial DDR Centers Turn Organ For Secret Intelligence

By Mbah Godlove

It’s is no longer a secret that French Cameroun created the Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration centers (DDR) in Ambazonia, with the intention of using the structures to fight Ambazonia Forces

This is the case of John Eyallo an ex-fighter hired to reveal the hide-outs of Ambazonian fighters in Ekondo Titi, a locality in the southern zone.

John Eyallo

John Eyallo who reportedly joined the Buea colonial DDR center in November 2019 has been spotted several times by restoration fighters on the battlefield.

After refusing to yield to advice not to collaborate with French Cameroun soldiers against Ambazonia’s quest for freedom, Friday, July 22 marked the end of the road for the saboteur.

According to local media reports, the enabler was shot dead by Ambazonian fighters as a warning to all other agents working with colonial soldiers.

The killing of John Eyallo has now confirmed the popular opinion that French Cameroun created the DDR Centers in the northern and southern zones as organs to tape out intelligence against the ongoing war of liberation.

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