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French Cameroun Forces Raid Kills 15 In Babanki



LRC Raid Kills 15 In Babanki

By Mbah Godlove

At least 15 people have been gruesomely killed in Small Babanki, Tubah LGA of the Mezam County by elements of La Republique du Cameroun’s (LRC) forces.

Credible sources on the ground revealed that French Cameroun’s soldiers stormed the village around 3:00 am on February 29 and brutally killed at least 15 locals.

Amongst those whose lives were claimed, BaretaNews has learned included four children, five women, and six men.

Saturday’s massacre came barely two weeks after a similar French Cameroun’s atrocity was carried out in Ngarbuh, Ndonga-Mantung County which rendered over 30 Ambazonians dead.

At a time when the regime is receiving national and international criticism for masterminding the Ngarbuh killing, its soldiers have committed yet the same heinous crime in Babanki.

Ambazonians have questioned why the Babanki killings were carried out barely less than 24 hours after dictator Biya announced a window dressing fact-finding mission in Ngarbuh whose results he and his regime had already declared.

Meantime, inhabitants of Babanki have remained in grief and consternation following the deadly invasion of their village last Saturday.

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