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Ambazonians Gear Up for Historic Weekend Lockdown to Thwart Colonial Observance



Ambazonians Gear Up for Historic Weekend Lockdown to Thwart Colonial Observance

As the hours tick closer to what promises to be a historic event in Ambazonia, the people are fervently preparing for a significant lockdown aimed at thwarting the regime’s attempts to enforce observance of a colonial event on February 11th.

February 11th, known as “National Youth Day,” serves as a stark reminder to Ambazonians of the annexation of their territory by French Cameroun. In anticipation of this year’s disbanded event, Ambazonians have organized a national lockdown to counter any commemorative activities orchestrated by the occupying regime.

Scheduled to commence from Saturday, February 10th, and extend through Monday, February 12th, the lockdown has been met with widespread approval among the populace, who have been diligently stocking up on supplies in preparation. In bustling markets like the Bamenda Food Market, thousands of residents were observed flocking in and out, ensuring their homes are adequately provisioned for the extended weekend.

Conversations about the impending lockdown reverberated in public spaces, with many expressing eagerness to stay home and strengthen familial bonds during this time. However, Restoration forces have issued stern warnings, particularly directed at stubborn citizens in Buea and Victoria, emphasizing that anyone flouting the stay-at-home directive does so at their own peril.

Experts view this weekend as a pivotal moment in the conflict in Ambazonia, with predictions suggesting significant gains for freedom fighters in the coming days. As anticipation builds and preparations reach their peak, Ambazonians remain resolute in their determination to resist colonial oppression and reclaim their right to self-determination.

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