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Bafut Freedom Fighters Strike Back After Losing Two



Bafut Freedom Fighters Strike Back After Losing Two.

By Mbah Godlove.

Ambazonia forces in Bafut local government area have gone on the offensive two weeks after losing two brave fighters.

On Sunday July 30, a dreaded squad launched an attack on colonial forces around mile 7 where three regime soldiers were immediately deleted.

A source told BN that the freedom fighters were informed of a contingent of occupational forces approaching Bafut through the mile 11 stretch of road.

Consequently, an ambush was planned and fighters deployed around mile 7 to execute the target.

The master/plan was productive as three colonial soldiers died on the spot with many others reportedly injured.

It is worth mentioning that the outing by the restoration fighters in Bafut came two weeks after they lost two brave warriors on the battlefront.

One of the fighters in Bafut told BN that their morale remains high, intimating that they need more weapons to take the war to another level.

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