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The Politics of Flip Flopping: Cameroon’s Donald Trump




Flip-flopping can be defined as a sudden or unexpected reversal, as of direction, belief, attitude, or policy. A number of politicians have been using it over the years when the need arises or circumstances changes. Some argue it is necessary for the changing times but most often than not it builds lack of trust in the individual who flip-flopped. The most recent example is Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate who has flip-flopped on a number of issues as well as on major policies. This has cast very big doubts on issues of trusts and on his personality as Americans head to the polls in November 2016.

It is, however, necessary to change views or policies when something substantial changes that really warrants such a change but generally to flip flopped is a vice. Flip Flopping goes along with inconsistencies. It is all about playing to the gallery to gain the attention of a particular authority or group of persons. Most often, the flip flopper does not mean what he or she is saying. They do it often to get a favour and are not really convince of what they are saying.

In the Cameroons, the people have their own Flip Flopper. He is a major Flip Flopper. He is the current Minister of Communication and Spokesman of Biya’s Regime. He always goes on air to defend major issues concerning Paul Biya and his actions. He defended Biya why he did not visit wounded soldiers coming from Boko Haram battlegrounds in the north, He defended the human rights records of the country as presented by international bodies and on many other issues. He worships Biya on a daily basis. However, Mr. Tchiroma replicates a typical Donald Trump when it comes to changing sides and flip flopping

Who is Tchiroma?

He served in the government of Paul Biya as Minister of Transport from 1992 to 1996 and has been Minister of Communication since 2009. He is the President of the Front for the National Salvation of Cameroon . Tchiroma studied in France and became a materials and construction engineer. He Worked in Douala, as a Research Officer at the Cameroon Railways Authority , the state railway company of Cameroon, until April 1984. Tchiroma was arrested on 16 April 1984 described as “a very dangerous element”. After over six years in prison, he was released in 1990. Following Tchiroma’s release, he participated in a protest in Garoua against the actions of those who, in his view, were impeding the implementation of the law providing amnesty to individuals implicated in the 1984 coup attempt. He was then arrested and jailed again.

He participated in the 1992 March Parliamentary election where he was elected to the National assembly. He was appointed as Minister of Transport by Biya on 27 November 1992 after Biya controversially won the October 1992 parliamentary election. He then fell out with Bello Bouba who saw his appointment as weakening the opposition. Tichiroma will then move on to form his own faction of the UNDP which later became National Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ANDP). He left the government in 1996 and later on left the ANDP to join UNDP in 2002. He will then joined other northern politicians in signing a September 2002 memo decrying the government’s alleged marginalization and neglect of the north and urging that more attention is paid to addressing the north’s problems

In October 2004 presidential election, Tchiroma was part of the opposition coalition that denounced President Biya, urging the people to vote him out.

Within these periods until his appointment in 2009 as Minister of Communication, Tchiroma had said a number of things against President Paul Biya. These are things which today, Tchiroma is taking a completely U-turn supporting President Paul Biya.

Tchrimo Words Before 2009.

These are some of the words Tchiroma used on Biya before being reappointed into the government of President Biya.

– There is no reason why Cameroonians should continue trusting Biya

– Biya himself is evil, not his collaborators

– Biya is solely responsible for the misery of Cameroonians

– The personal cult built around Biya is unacceptable

– Biya has destroyed the buoyant economy Ahidjo left behind

– Biya can’t be talking about reconciliation while Ahidjo’s corpse is still in Dakar

– Biya needs just a nod of his head to kill anyone he does not like…….

BaretaNews notes that Issa Tchiroma is a very intelligent individual, a force within the Nordists. Biya as an astute politician needed him to be on his side. Tchiroma now dines with Biya. Can we effectively say that all that Tichiroma said before, he meant it or he needed it just to find his way into the government? This is so because nothing has changed since Mr. Tchiroma joined Mr. Biya. Ahidjo still laments outside, the economy still struggles, corruption is at the peak etc. The only thing which has changed is Tchiroma’s personal wealth, power and satisfaction. We of this platform think the only change that could have benefitted Tchiroma and the Cameroons people could have been the total ousting of Paul Biya. Yet, Tchiroma played the politics of flip-flopping and his seat in the altar of Biya is guaranteed. That is Cameroon.

God is still saying something.



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