Mr. Paul Biya’s futile War on the people of Ambazonia keeps raging and he is ready to fight to the last man standing, so long as he is alive. The reason for the war is that an enslaved people have suddenly realized themselves and desire to be free from slavery. The dying colonial President and his colonial allies believe that Southern Cameroons is their conquered territory and the people are slaves that must be caged at all cost. That’s why he is increasingly motivating his guinea pig soldiers with a monthly mission allowance of 30,000francs (1000frs per day) each, to go and kill and be killed. Even if they erase the entire Southern Cameroons population or even if they (the colonial terrorist soldiers) die in mysterious circumstances, that is not old Biya’s concern. His preoccupation, is how he can continuously keep the Ambazonia people in servitude forever.

Unfortunately, some Federalists driven, moderates, and even politically hypnotized Ambazonians still hope that an Ambazonian slave can rise to the top position of President of LA Republique and laud it over the colonialists or even go ahead to initiate the exit of Ambazonia from the colonial enslavement of LRC. Others still believe that change can come through the colonialist ballot box and so Ambazonians should participate in the colonial elections and vote out the terrorist master. While some think that Ambazonians should massively participate in the colonial elections and take control of their local governments from the colonial regime, where they can govern themselves from the Council or local government level.

How feasible or realistic are these thoughts or views? These may be the genuine thoughts or opinions of these groups of compromised Ambazonians. However, so long as the political desk of BaretaNews and a large revolutionary majority of the Ambazonian people are concern, these are laughable views, that can never come to reality, not in the Cameroons with the present political architecture and the already toxified anti “Anglophone” La Republique populace. If these views could be realizable, then the colonial agents would have seen no reason to unleash mayhem on a People, who initially began by asking for basic reforms and later a return to a common federal structure, that was even illegally concocted.

The fact is that, these thoughts and views from the moderates would have been somehow true if Ambazonia was presently stable. It would have been somehow true if the present so-called ELECAM was an independent institution and colonialist Biya regime had no machinery to manipulate and truncate the voting Will of the people. It is therefore not possible for such views to be made feasible.

The evil regime and the political architecture is still proving very strong and resilient. If moderate Ambazonians think Southern Cameroonians can take control of their councils or even the presidency through alternative political platforms, then they are still in limbo and have suddenly lost sight of the political jaywalking and jiggery-pockery, that has characterized the Cameroons since the birth of the CPDM cult.

This conflict cannot be solved through the process of electioneering. Ambazonians, by voting, will be telling the world that they are lost and politically confused of the direction to follow and do not really know what they want. There can be no political hope, voting to get political justice in a system where the laws and institutions are absolutely against you. In fact, before voting, the moderates should asked themselves how many Senators had the opposition in the recently organized sham called senatorial elections?

This conflict can only be and shall be genuinely addressed when these two parties sit down and negotiate. Ambazonians shall become the laughing stock of the world, by going to the polls in a colonial state they have resisted for two years continuously. What has changed since then that should make them go to vote?

After thousands have been displaced internally and externally by the evil regime, you want to go voting for change? By the way, Ambazonian born politicians with political parties are supposed to be united at this juncture, with a joint statement and conditions under which they can participate in any colonial elections, in order to force the hand of the colonial government. That is supposed to be their only position now. Are they together so far?

It is revolutionary fallacious for any Ambazonian to even think that participating in colonial elections is a revolutionary success strategy. What guarantees are even there that if Ambazonians decide to participate in the said elections and win they will be able to claim the victory? ELECAM, offers no such guarantee. The so-called Constitutional Council, offers no such guarantee. The fact that the colonial DOs, SDOs, Governors and the brutal terrorist military are actively involved in stealing and killing for the devilish regime, to keep them in power forever is even worst.

Even if Ambazonians vote and with the surprised support of LRC citizens, an Ambazonian born wins, ELECAM will announced the CPDM winner and the lay Constitutional Council will authenticate it. Even if both LRC and Ambazonians take to the streets in protests, the outcome will be military brutality and mayhem. And so what difference does it make participating or not participating?

The already dying regime would have been resuscitated again and legitimized by all including a perceived disgruntled People of Ambazonia. It would be news all over that ANGLOPHONES VOTED MASSIVELY in the last elections that saw the Biya cabal comfortably reelected. Why and for what were they fighting then for these two years?

AMBAZONIANS MUST HEAVILY BOYCOTT ALL COLONIAL ELECTIONS IN MANNERS THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN RECORDED IN THE HISTORY OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS. Ambazonians MUST show their TOTAL REJECTION OF THE SYSTEM, after all the Acting Interim President of Ambazonia declared such elections illegal in Ambazonia yesterday in his Press briefings on SCBC.

Acts of colonial terrorism by colonial forces are actively going on in Ambazonia. More terrorist troops are being deployed every day, houses of innocent citizens are being burnt to marshes and Ambazonian citizens are in the bushes and in foreign lands as refugees. Who are the Ambazonian citizens therefore to even vote in such a farce of an election? Comrade Chris Anu, the Secretary of State for Communications and ICT, of the Interim Government of Ambazonia has confirmed the bombing of his family compound in Lebialem County by colonial forces, and some people still think that the colonial regime is ready to embrace Ambazonians and even give them equality and a chance to taste political power at the center?

All Ambazonians, no matter the political divide, whether moderates or radicals, whether federalists or restorationists, whether politically ignorant or enlightened, Must forget about anything elections in Ambazonia. The least the moderates should be asking for to give everyone a Democratic opportunity to decide his or her destiny, should be a UN SPONSORED REFERENDUM on all available options in this conflict.

As the for Restoration Movement, Ambazonia must be completely and totally rendered ungovernable. Restoration forces must be adequately funded with all the necessary resources to increase the cost of the occupation. Whether the colonialists are resisted or not, the people have been targets for annihilation, even when they were still matching with peace plants. Its either they defend themselves now and die while fighting or compromise and be burnt in their sleep by the colonialists. Ambazonians have no choice than to live free or die.

James Agbor
Political Analyst, BaretaNews.

Otto Ama


  1. Jojo

    April 15, 2018 at 6:40 PM

    @James Agbor, this to me is an evolution when you decide to comment on ideas other than secession. If none of the 3 possibilities you mentioned is realistic, then what give you assurance that secession is the only way out?
    Push for federalism should come back on the table. All our brothers in prison should be released, amnesty given to all activists to include you and an inclusive dialogue open.
    A lot could be achieved through a well crafted federalism. Even worst enemies could sometime find a common ground to leave together as civilized people.

  2. George

    April 15, 2018 at 8:43 PM

    Those froggies are funny. For 46 years they don’t care about the form of that fake union. They exploit the Ndian oil and our timber. They flood our universities with their academics. Their soldiers shoot, rape and steal. Now they beg for federation. Hahaha. You people are mad. There is no way back. Our people will decide.

  3. Jojo

    April 15, 2018 at 11:35 PM

    @George stop being stupid, no one is begging for federalism. I don’t represent LRC nor I speak for them. Federalism is not even on LRC’s table for you to think that is what they’re ready to offer. You Ambazonians reason just like Lamb. You are free to keep on causing pain to your people, but note that Yaounde, Douala, Bamenda, Buea… all have a normal life. You would have to wait for 20 to 30 years for your independence, but the people in the bushes and in Nigeria cannot afford to wait.

  4. Marcel

    April 16, 2018 at 2:27 AM

    Jojo, do you see the biya regime as capable of doing what you are asking for? A PUSH FOR FEDERALISM; If they refuse your solution, what would you do next ? We all had that same school of thought in the beginning of this struggle until the true color of LRC government was made public.
    We belong to the same school of thought, the only difference between you and me, is that you are still behind. The train is long gone from the federalism station and moving to an Independent station.

  5. Mukong

    April 16, 2018 at 2:39 AM

    I thought the idea that the world is round has been settled. Why waste valuable time trying to convince some about this narrative. Federalism is dead period. With all this destruction and insanity from this Beti thug who will want to associate with these criminals. Is it not telling a Jew to forgive Hitler?

  6. Nkwoh Mmassem

    April 16, 2018 at 6:16 AM

    @jojo as a paid agent of LRC you seem to be justifying your pay. However, you can never succeed to change our destiny. Ambazonia has come to stay whether you and Biya like it or not. Your tricks are exhausted. You strongly support the genocide going on in Ambazonia. You will live with the blood of our people forever but one thing you must know is that blood money always have a disastrous end. Ambazonia forever.

  7. George

    April 16, 2018 at 6:50 AM

    Many soldiers are going to use the 30.000 CFA to bribe their commanders not to send them to Ambaland.

    To all Est Camerounian soldiers don’t waste your time helping a dying dictator. He doesn’t care for you. He even stopped giving your death comrades state funerals and post mortem medal of honours. A dozen of your friends just died last weekend in Manyu forest. Your generals will not inform the mothers and keep them in uncertainty.

  8. ndolloz

    April 17, 2018 at 7:40 PM

    ‘Ambazonia must be completely and totally rendered ungovernable’any unpatriotic slave SCs who feels that colonial french Cameroon is one and indivisible is a failed, ignorant idiot,especially watching all the atrocities biyas forces are committing against vulnerable people from the SW/NW regions,biya declared war on the people instead of dialogue,no elections and cosmetic measures will change the majority of Patriotic SCs will fight aggressively for total independence from fraud french Cameroon,

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