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Mr. Paul Biya’s futile War on the people of Ambazonia keeps raging and he is ready to fight to the last man standing, so long as he is alive. The reason for the war is that an enslaved people have suddenly realized themselves and desire to be free from slavery. The dying colonial President and his colonial allies believe that Southern Cameroons is their conquered territory and the people are slaves that must be caged at all cost. That’s why he is increasingly motivating his guinea pig soldiers with a monthly mission allowance of 30,000francs (1000frs per day) each, to go and kill and be killed. Even if they erase the entire Southern Cameroons population or even if they (the colonial terrorist soldiers) die in mysterious circumstances, that is not old Biya’s concern. His preoccupation, is how he can continuously keep the Ambazonia people in servitude forever.

Unfortunately, some Federalists driven, moderates, and even politically hypnotized Ambazonians still hope that an Ambazonian slave can rise to the top position of President of LA Republique and laud it over the colonialists or even go ahead to initiate the exit of Ambazonia from the colonial enslavement of LRC. Others still believe that change can come through the colonialist ballot box and so Ambazonians should participate in the colonial elections and vote out the terrorist master. While some think that Ambazonians should massively participate in the colonial elections and take control of their local governments from the colonial regime, where they can govern themselves from the Council or local government level.

How feasible or realistic are these thoughts or views? These may be the genuine thoughts or opinions of these groups of compromised Ambazonians. However, so long as the political desk of BaretaNews and a large revolutionary majority of the Ambazonian people are concern, these are laughable views, that can never come to reality, not in the Cameroons with the present political architecture and the already toxified anti “Anglophone” La Republique populace. If these views could be realizable, then the colonial agents would have seen no reason to unleash mayhem on a People, who initially began by asking for basic reforms and later a return to a common federal structure, that was even illegally concocted.

The fact is that, these thoughts and views from the moderates would have been somehow true if Ambazonia was presently stable. It would have been somehow true if the present so-called ELECAM was an independent institution and colonialist Biya regime had no machinery to manipulate and truncate the voting Will of the people. It is therefore not possible for such views to be made feasible.

The evil regime and the political architecture is still proving very strong and resilient. If moderate Ambazonians think Southern Cameroonians can take control of their councils or even the presidency through alternative political platforms, then they are still in limbo and have suddenly lost sight of the political jaywalking and jiggery-pockery, that has characterized the Cameroons since the birth of the CPDM cult.

This conflict cannot be solved through the process of electioneering. Ambazonians, by voting, will be telling the world that they are lost and politically confused of the direction to follow and do not really know what they want. There can be no political hope, voting to get political justice in a system where the laws and institutions are absolutely against you. In fact, before voting, the moderates should asked themselves how many Senators had the opposition in the recently organized sham called senatorial elections?

This conflict can only be and shall be genuinely addressed when these two parties sit down and negotiate. Ambazonians shall become the laughing stock of the world, by going to the polls in a colonial state they have resisted for two years continuously. What has changed since then that should make them go to vote?

After thousands have been displaced internally and externally by the evil regime, you want to go voting for change? By the way, Ambazonian born politicians with political parties are supposed to be united at this juncture, with a joint statement and conditions under which they can participate in any colonial elections, in order to force the hand of the colonial government. That is supposed to be their only position now. Are they together so far?

It is revolutionary fallacious for any Ambazonian to even think that participating in colonial elections is a revolutionary success strategy. What guarantees are even there that if Ambazonians decide to participate in the said elections and win they will be able to claim the victory? ELECAM, offers no such guarantee. The so-called Constitutional Council, offers no such guarantee. The fact that the colonial DOs, SDOs, Governors and the brutal terrorist military are actively involved in stealing and killing for the devilish regime, to keep them in power forever is even worst.

Even if Ambazonians vote and with the surprised support of LRC citizens, an Ambazonian born wins, ELECAM will announced the CPDM winner and the lay Constitutional Council will authenticate it. Even if both LRC and Ambazonians take to the streets in protests, the outcome will be military brutality and mayhem. And so what difference does it make participating or not participating?

The already dying regime would have been resuscitated again and legitimized by all including a perceived disgruntled People of Ambazonia. It would be news all over that ANGLOPHONES VOTED MASSIVELY in the last elections that saw the Biya cabal comfortably reelected. Why and for what were they fighting then for these two years?

AMBAZONIANS MUST HEAVILY BOYCOTT ALL COLONIAL ELECTIONS IN MANNERS THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN RECORDED IN THE HISTORY OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS. Ambazonians MUST show their TOTAL REJECTION OF THE SYSTEM, after all the Acting Interim President of Ambazonia declared such elections illegal in Ambazonia yesterday in his Press briefings on SCBC.

Acts of colonial terrorism by colonial forces are actively going on in Ambazonia. More terrorist troops are being deployed every day, houses of innocent citizens are being burnt to marshes and Ambazonian citizens are in the bushes and in foreign lands as refugees. Who are the Ambazonian citizens therefore to even vote in such a farce of an election? Comrade Chris Anu, the Secretary of State for Communications and ICT, of the Interim Government of Ambazonia has confirmed the bombing of his family compound in Lebialem County by colonial forces, and some people still think that the colonial regime is ready to embrace Ambazonians and even give them equality and a chance to taste political power at the center?

All Ambazonians, no matter the political divide, whether moderates or radicals, whether federalists or restorationists, whether politically ignorant or enlightened, Must forget about anything elections in Ambazonia. The least the moderates should be asking for to give everyone a Democratic opportunity to decide his or her destiny, should be a UN SPONSORED REFERENDUM on all available options in this conflict.

As the for Restoration Movement, Ambazonia must be completely and totally rendered ungovernable. Restoration forces must be adequately funded with all the necessary resources to increase the cost of the occupation. Whether the colonialists are resisted or not, the people have been targets for annihilation, even when they were still matching with peace plants. Its either they defend themselves now and die while fighting or compromise and be burnt in their sleep by the colonialists. Ambazonians have no choice than to live free or die.

James Agbor
Political Analyst, BaretaNews.

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  1. Jojo

    April 15, 2018 at 6:40 PM

    @James Agbor, this to me is an evolution when you decide to comment on ideas other than secession. If none of the 3 possibilities you mentioned is realistic, then what give you assurance that secession is the only way out?
    Push for federalism should come back on the table. All our brothers in prison should be released, amnesty given to all activists to include you and an inclusive dialogue open.
    A lot could be achieved through a well crafted federalism. Even worst enemies could sometime find a common ground to leave together as civilized people.

  2. George

    April 15, 2018 at 8:43 PM

    Those froggies are funny. For 46 years they don’t care about the form of that fake union. They exploit the Ndian oil and our timber. They flood our universities with their academics. Their soldiers shoot, rape and steal. Now they beg for federation. Hahaha. You people are mad. There is no way back. Our people will decide.

  3. Jojo

    April 15, 2018 at 11:35 PM

    @George stop being stupid, no one is begging for federalism. I don’t represent LRC nor I speak for them. Federalism is not even on LRC’s table for you to think that is what they’re ready to offer. You Ambazonians reason just like Lamb. You are free to keep on causing pain to your people, but note that Yaounde, Douala, Bamenda, Buea… all have a normal life. You would have to wait for 20 to 30 years for your independence, but the people in the bushes and in Nigeria cannot afford to wait.

  4. Marcel

    April 16, 2018 at 2:27 AM

    Jojo, do you see the biya regime as capable of doing what you are asking for? A PUSH FOR FEDERALISM; If they refuse your solution, what would you do next ? We all had that same school of thought in the beginning of this struggle until the true color of LRC government was made public.
    We belong to the same school of thought, the only difference between you and me, is that you are still behind. The train is long gone from the federalism station and moving to an Independent station.

  5. Mukong

    April 16, 2018 at 2:39 AM

    I thought the idea that the world is round has been settled. Why waste valuable time trying to convince some about this narrative. Federalism is dead period. With all this destruction and insanity from this Beti thug who will want to associate with these criminals. Is it not telling a Jew to forgive Hitler?

  6. Nkwoh Mmassem

    April 16, 2018 at 6:16 AM

    @jojo as a paid agent of LRC you seem to be justifying your pay. However, you can never succeed to change our destiny. Ambazonia has come to stay whether you and Biya like it or not. Your tricks are exhausted. You strongly support the genocide going on in Ambazonia. You will live with the blood of our people forever but one thing you must know is that blood money always have a disastrous end. Ambazonia forever.

  7. George

    April 16, 2018 at 6:50 AM

    Many soldiers are going to use the 30.000 CFA to bribe their commanders not to send them to Ambaland.

    To all Est Camerounian soldiers don’t waste your time helping a dying dictator. He doesn’t care for you. He even stopped giving your death comrades state funerals and post mortem medal of honours. A dozen of your friends just died last weekend in Manyu forest. Your generals will not inform the mothers and keep them in uncertainty.

  8. ndolloz

    April 17, 2018 at 7:40 PM

    ‘Ambazonia must be completely and totally rendered ungovernable’any unpatriotic slave SCs who feels that colonial french Cameroon is one and indivisible is a failed, ignorant idiot,especially watching all the atrocities biyas forces are committing against vulnerable people from the SW/NW regions,biya declared war on the people instead of dialogue,no elections and cosmetic measures will change the majority of Patriotic SCs will fight aggressively for total independence from fraud french Cameroon,

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What Lesson Has Ambazonians & Leaders Learn from the Action of Comrade Milton Taka?




What Lesson Has Ambazonians & Leaders Learn from the Action of Comrade Milton Taka?

The recent restructuring of the cabinet of the Interim Government of Ambazonia by the Acting President (AP), Dr. Sako Samuel Ikome, saw the dropping of the vibrant and eloquent Comrade Milton Taka, from the position of Acting Vice President. It is believed that comrade Milton was relieved as a result of the lack of trust from the AP, considering his supposed militancy in the newly established controversial Southern Cameroons Congress of the People (SCCOP) in South Africa, which has received a lot of disapproval from a good number of Ambazonians.

However, the reaction of the former Acting Vice President after being sacked from his position, has exposed him as a revolutionary comrade with high level political maturity, sagacity and servant leadership potentials. Mr. Taka’s reaction sends a clear lesson to Ambazonians that; in a revolution like this, you must not only serve when you are at the head of leadership or a member of the interim government.

It is important to note that before being nominated Acting Vice President, Comrade Milton, apart from his full involvement in the Amba revolutionary movement of Southern Africa, served the revolution as the fire spitting SCACUF Governing Council Spokesman for Africa and the Under Secretary of State for Communication. He was nominated Acting Vice president after the kidnap of the President, Sissiku Ayuk-Tabe and some of his cabinet members in Nigeria.

In his thank you letter to the 8 million Ambazonians and especially the leaders, Comrade Milton reminds Ambazonians and leaders of the revolution of the need to jealously hold and guard the mantle of activism at all times, which comes from the people. This should be done by keeping the watch words of honesty, revolutionary discipline, sacrifice and selflessness, gratitude, responsibility and accountability.

“I have been a very principled and committed activist and leader and that I will remain until we get to Buea and beyond. I remain a diehard Ambazonian soldier standing against the suppression and oppression of our people by the terrorist occupier. No one should wait to only act when they are in leadership; every effort by all counts. I extend gratitude to you all that continue to do your best to get every single Ambazonian join us and play a critical part to fast track our move to Buea. I thank you all who worked diligently with me as honest soldiers and leaders of our people.” He said


By every leadership standard, revolutionary antecedents, and his professional and revolutionary credentials, Mr. Taka deserves to be within the revolutionary leadership circles. But haven’t been sacked by the AP for a more trusted hand, Mr. Taka understands that there are many Ambazonians like him with similar backgrounds and skills who can even serve better in his position but haven’t had the privilege to do so.

In a revolution like ours where the inability of different front line leaders to reach a common ground of collaboration has been due to the tussle for who controls what, Comrade Taka’s thank you letter sends a basic leadership lesson:

The privilege to lead, pull strings or to be in control of the people, cannot be gotten by might and power or because we are the most qualified and outstanding. It is a privilege that comes through the unmerited favour of the Supreme Creator and the overall approval of the masses – in this case the Ambazonian people.

If all Ambazonians and leaders could understand this natural principle of leadership emergence and develop respect for each other, knowing that every one has something reasonable to offer or contribute in the revolution, with every effort geared towards a free Ambazonia and its suffering masses, then there would have long been a done deal of collaboration and synergy, with very little frictions.

Are Ambanders and the leaders in particular ready to learn this lesson and jealousy protect the revolution for the sake of the people who are victims of Mr. Paul Biya’s genocide? Let your conscience answer the question for the good of Ambazonia and for Ambazonians.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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The 31st African Union Summit & Its Eloquent Silence on the Genocide in Ambazonia



African Union

The 31st African Union Summit & Its Eloquent Silence on the Genocide in Ambazonia

The 31st African Union (AU) Summit recently held in in Nouakchott, Mauritania from the 25th of June to 2nd July 2018. At the end of the Summit, 8 resolutions were adopted. Examples of the resolutions include; setting up an African Continental Free Trade, Institutional Reforms of the AU, establishment of an African Union Development Agency, Peace and security in Africa, among others.

On resolution 4 which particularly addressed peace and security in Africa, the assembly reaffirmed its support for the imposition of punitive measures against those obstructing efforts to achieve reconciliation and peace in South Sudan, and the need to take major steps towards the restoration of permanent peace in other conflict-stricken countries, Libya, Ethiopia/Eritrea, Somalia, and Nigeria.

From the happenings in the Cameroons in the last two years, coupled with numerous calls by the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights and other Pan African Human rights Organizations for an AU position on the matter, the revolutionary conflict in Ambazonia, was highly expected to be on the agenda.

But interestingly and suspiciously too, nothing is mention in the resolutions about the Cameroons. A clear indication that the conflict was nowhere to be found on the agenda of the assembly. And so, from the beginning to the end of the Summit, nothing was mentioned about the ongoing genocide currently being perpetuated by the colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC).

That was a diplomatic victory for LRC, the colonizer, isn’t it? The colonial President and blood sucker Paul Biya, had tactically boycotted the Summit, raising questions on whether he wasn’t acting an already prepared script that warranted him to stay away, so that his presence wouldn’t raise eyebrows among other member states why the issue wasn’t on the agenda.

If this is actually what played out, then fingers must be pointed at the AU Commission Chair, Chadian born Moussa Faki and the French President Emmanuel Macron, who attended the Summit. The French conspiracy against Ambazonia is already evident and so conspiring with a Chadian born AU Commission Chair to further frustrate the revolutionary course is possible.

Chad, where the AU Commission’s chairman comes from is an oversea French Province and has repeatedly provided military support to the colonial regime against Ambazonnia. There is no doubt therefore that the AU Commission Chair could have been successfully lobbied and corrupted to keep the Cameroons out of the 31st AU Summit agenda.

The silence of the chairman of the African Union, and President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, in the midst of this quack mire, a man who should know better, is also very suspicious and worrisome. In the midst of the current growing genocide by LRC and the threats to exterminate the Southern Cameroons people, President Paul Kagame should be the last African Head of State to be eloquent in silence.

The African Union may be trying to provide France and the colonial regime with another opportunity to try their new diabolic strategies to stabilize their colony of Ambazonia and maintain control over their people.

Unfortunately, these colonialists are mistaken. The people have risen and are ready to die for Ambazonia. No amount of French conspiracy and connivance with AU diplomatic institutions against the people of Southern Cameroons can stop the revolution.

The people of Ambazonia have taken total responsibility of their destinies and they are determined to ensure that they will this revolution to the direction they so desire. NO COLONIAL STATE OR INSTITUTION can determine the future of the Ambazonian people. NOT in this 21st century where the android generation is in charge.



James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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Restoration Forces Deserve Better from Genuine Ambazonians



Restoration Ambazonia

Restoration Forces Deserve Better from Genuine Ambazonians

As the battle for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia rages on, Ambazonians at home and abroad must not forget to appreciate, support, respect and value the efforts of restoration forces who are standing and putting their lives in the frontline through leadership and in the battlefield. No one was prepared for this battle. Every Ambazonian is a victim of Mr. Biya’s arrogance and blood thirsty intentions.

It is therefore most important that the people constantly encourage and cheer those resisting La Republique’s AK 47 rifles with dane guns and have been succeeding despite the many challenges. Making a mockery, minimizing or under looking their efforts should not be a characteristic of any one who desires Freedom from the colonial fangs of the terrorist Yaoundé regime.

These are selfless gentlemen and women in the homeland, who have sacrificed their livelihoods and abandoned their families to fight the colonial regime in the streets and trenches. They deserve all the necessary respect and support from true Ambazonians. Unfortunately, the people have not given these foot soldiers the most needed cheers.

While some Ambazonians spent their time tireless working to see that they provide both financial, material and logistical support to the Restoration forces through their little contributions, others, who also desire the same freedom, have joined antirevolutionary agents by constantly making noise all over the social media, throwing confusion tantrums, trying to continuously cause division among revolutionary leaders and groups.

Some are desperately concen with promoting acts that stifle any effort that appear to bring understanding among different leaders with diverse opinions, strategies and ambitions. They are also busy exploiting different opportunities within the revolution to enrich themselves at the expense of those putting their lives on the slaughter stone of the colonial regime. The saddest thing about these group of Ambazonians is that they also want to be free from LRC.

Life is sweet, even in poverty. Certainly, there is no body who doesn’t desire to be alive and see a free Ambazonia. That is why even in slavery and hardship, humans still desire to be alive because when there is life, there is hope.

Consequently, for any individual who has decided to put his/her own life on the line for the freedom of others, it is a generous sacrifice that must not be taken for granted by any patriotic citizen or those who have refuse to put their own lives as a freedom sacrifice.

Already, many restoration forces have lost their lives in battle. A few day ago, six of them fell in battle in Boyo and Batibo. However, they did not fail to inflict casualties on the occupier before dying. Innocent citizens both young and old have also been ruthlessly massacred by the terrorist regime for no crime of theirs. Others died in the pains of raging flames. All these deaths, just because of one crime – they are Ambazonians.

As the revolution proceeds, BaretaNews at this juncture is challenging every Ambazonian, from all the leaders of different revolutionary groups, to followers and to the interim government of Ambazonia to prosecute this revolution with their true consciences. For the sake of the dead, whose spirits are still hovering over Ambaland seeking for freedom before they can rest in peace, the wounded lying in the hospitals, the deformed or handicap, the imprisoned, the refugees and IDPs, all actions in the name of Ambazonia must be carriedout for Ambazonia and for Ambazonians.

The diaspora in particular, has the responsibility to determine and define the direction of the history books about their role in this freedom struggle. They must honour, appreciate and generously support the sacrifice of the gallant freedom fighters and also with all the necessary resources – spiritual, moral and financial resources.

These are the only ways to tell the fallen heroes that they did not die in vain.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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