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Editorial: The Southern Cameroons Train Keeps Moving



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The Train Keeps Moving

Good morning Southern Cameroonians. Permit me take a few minutes of your time, let me sharpen your brain a little more. Read till the end.

The train of freedom started as far back as in 1961 when Southern Cameroons was annexed. It started on board with few members but stopped somewhere hoping things could be better. It never did. In 1972, the train continued after the abolition of the so called Federation and this mark the foundation of what has been known as the “Anglophone Problem”. It stopped somewhere again and picked up in the 80s with Fon Dinka. After the change of the Country’s name, there were some few agitations, however considering the fact that Cameroons was just coming off a coup, “Anglophones” as peace loving buried their agitations to give Mr. Biya the opportunity to unite the country- he failed woefully. In the early 90s and in 93/94 the train picked momentum and moved from a federation to restoration. Since the 90s, the train has been moving like a swinging pendulum still waiting to reach its destination.

And then boom, in October 2016, the train entered another gear never seen in the history of the Cameroons solely because of the influence of social media and Communications. Everyone both young, old, youth , adult, men and women became involved. It happened like a virus. The freedom virus has affected all of us. Yes, the train of freedom has become contagious. Southern Cameroonians from all works of life whether federalists or independentists belong and believed in this train, together we pushed on this struggle from October right up to this moment. You made calls, you texted, you went out to protest at rallies and embassies, you called and wrote to governments/Civil rights organisations/news room, you contributed money to sponsor ground game and other actions. Yes, you Southern Cameroonians no matter the ideology you hold held this winning struggle from October right unto this moment. The struggle which has seen transformational leadership from the Consortium right up to the interim government. Leadership where you have rallied behind each of them in numbers one can’t imagine, giving your continues support albeit minor differences. And hay, it is the time to reach the final line.

Along the road of the train, some Southern Cameroonians board off at the junctions to recuperate , not because they hate freedom but some due to family pressures, some due to new academic challenges, others job pressures, others new jobs picked up, some out of tiredness, confusion, etc. Whatever reasons which makes any of us board off at the road, we must learn to appreciate and thank them knowing that along the train road, they contributed less the train could have had an accident. However, as they board off, the train to freedom must continue as captains and train conductors will change along the line to ensure that new fuel and impetus are added while the others take a rest. Those who boarded off will join someday with more energy, resources ready to change the gear of the train. They are welcome.

Like I earlier caution, we are setting the foundation to our homeland and independence or federation will not come now now now as some groups want us to believe. No one knows when the son of man will come but we must be prepared at any point in time. This is why Southern Cameroonians need to be prepared by setting the stage for eventual freedom and all signals points to the fact that we are on course. Freedom will come like a thief at night. We must not give up. In fact, we must sleep with our eyes open.

Are we going to hold our people education continuously? Of course not. While we are holding hard that for anything to move ahead, our people in jail must be released unconditionally, those in exile come back home and genuine dialogue is set for an eventual seize fire. However, be it as it may, the interim government has said, a statement concerning the education of our people will be made soon. Our people will go to school but that will be only under the directives of the new governing council. We must not despair. We must march on because holding the educational sector has been our most non violent means to force la Republique on the table less as the CIA warned, an arm struggle might become inevitable. We must not give up.

Let me also caution that all those holding resources for the defense of motherland will be accountable to those resources after all is set and done. We must set a Southern Cameroons worthy to be emulated. We will not tolerate those who hang unto resources when actions are needed but can’t release because of one or two inconsequential reasons. We will be liable to defend them someday.

That said, let us keep the steam burning knowing that it will be a long walk. Social media belongs to us and it is our responsibility to clean the space from any La Republique sentiments. As we defend motherland, we must defend the social media space from any pollutants that will slow us down.

The Southern Cameroons Shall Be Free.

Mark Bareta.

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