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PCC Moderator Faces Accusations of Neglect Amidst Ambazonian Conflict on 66th Anniversary



PCC Moderator Faces Accusations of Neglect Amidst Ambazonian Conflict on 66th Anniversary

By Mbah Godlove

In the wake of the 66th anniversary of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), concerns have been raised regarding the alleged neglect of the ongoing conflict in Ambazonia by the church’s Moderator.

Despite reaching this significant milestone, the PCC has been criticized for its perceived failure to address the injustices and war crimes committed by the colonial regime during the seven-year-long freedom war. Reverend Samuel Fonki, the Moderator, has come under scrutiny for his apparent lack of a clear stance on the matter.

Rather than unequivocally condemning the atrocities committed by the colonial regime, Reverend Samuel Fonki has, on numerous occasions, criticized freedom fighters for their efforts to defend themselves and resist the presence of the colonial government in Ambazonia.

On the occasion of the church’s 66th anniversary on Sunday, November 13, Reverend Samuel Fonki faced harsh criticism for what some view as his indifferent attitude towards the ongoing conflict in Ambazonia.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a pastor serving in the southern zone expressed the sentiment that the Moderator seems to align more with a political agenda in service to the colonial regime than with the plight of the suffering masses. The pastor alleged that Reverend Samuel Fonki has been summoned to Yaoundé on several occasions, where he purportedly received bribes and was pressured to maintain silence regarding the ongoing war in Ambazonia.

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