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British Consulate Includes October 1st as Unification Day



As we prepare towards October 1st 2017 celebration of Southern Cameroons Independence, we are very watchful of any little information which comes our way. BaretaNews happened to come across the website of the British Consulate in Cameroon wherein 1st October was listed as a Public Holiday in Cameroon. The British termed it the Unification day. It should be recalled that 1st October 1961 is the Southern Cameroons Independence Day. To Citizens of La Republique it is Unification day because it was the day both Cameroons supposedly came together as one. However, the legality of the union has been challenged because there is no treaty of Union between both Cameroons. Why then will British Consulate in their website includes a day when Cameroun does not celebrate such a day. A day when Southern Cameroonians have always been arrested, abducted and maimed for celebrating?

It is also worthy to note that the British used the term Unification and not Reunification. Assuming that both Cameroons have a treaty of Union, the right term to use will be Unification and not Reunification. The present Cameroon did not reunite because they were never one in the first place. Indeed, both separate Cameroons unified because they came as separate countries. We can agree with Britain for calling it a Unification day rather than a Reunification day as proponents of a one and indivisible Cameroon wanted it to sound. Take note that the arguments of Unification worst still Reunification will only hold should there have been any treaty of Union.

For more on this you can visit which give detailed information of services and advices to it citizens. The information reads:

Public Holidays in Cameroon (British Embassy)

January 1 New Year’s Day
January 1 Independence Day
February 11 Youth Day
May 1 Labour Day
May 20 National Day
August 15 Assumption
October 1 Unification Day
December 25 Christmas Day


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