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Southern Cameroons Leaders in Court: La Republique Adjourns Court Case



Southern Cameroons leaders in the persons of Barrister Agbor Balla, Dr Fontem Niba and Mancho Bibixy were present in court today March 23rd, 2017. The leaders were very much vibrant and strong, sources confirmed. Thier facial expressions were all glowy with “big smiles”. This definitely is a sign of steadfastness demonstrated by leaders who have been in detention for almost three months.

In vein with their charismatic appearance in court earlier today, Mark Bareta one of the interim Consortium leaders, in a facebook post writes:

“Look at the faces of our leaders Balla and Mancho behind these pictures. Look how confident they look. Pictures mean a lot. Balla and Mancho are indirectly communicating with us. They are asking us to be strong for them as they are strong for us. They are asking us to stand up for our motherland Southern Cameroons. They are asking us to keep smiling to victory. They are asking us to keep fighting and they want you reading me to call or text home now to tell our people to shame the Cameroons People Democratic Movement (CPDM) tomorrow March 24th with ghost towns. They are asking us to be united in our differences.”

Also, sources say no witness against these leaders were present in court. Equally, reports reaching our editorial desk confirms that the court cases of Barrister Agbor Balla, Dr Fontem Niba and Mancho Bibixy have been adjourned to 27 April 2017. Meanwhile, the court turned down an appeal for bail.

In response, Southern Cameroons have intensified their efforts and strategies towards the struggle for positive change. While some still lobby for a Federation, a majority clamour for independence. Whatever the case, the Consortium interim leaders pointed that a referendum should decide. Southern Cameroonians have been using the hashtags #FreeOurLeaders, #FreeAllArrested, #FreeBalla, #FreeFontem, #FreeAyah, #FreeMancho, and #BringBackOurInternet via various social media platforms to inform the world of the ongoing stalemate in Southern Cameroons.

As of the time of writing, Consortium’s interim leaders will be releasing a press statement on today’s event.


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