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PCC Banned In Bali Till Moderator Reveals Culprits Of August 22 Casualties Or Resigns – Restoration Forces Warn



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

PCC Banned In Bali Till Moderator Reveals Culprits Of August 22 Casualties Or Resigns – Restoration Forces Warn

By Mbah Godlove

The Moderator of Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC has been called upon to produce the veracity of Sunday, August 22 casualties in Bali, Northern Zone of Ambazonia.

The entire Presbytery in Bali went virtually empty on Sunday, September 05, following warnings from an Ambazonian Restoration Fighter, identified as General Grand Pa; in an audio note that has been circulating on social media.

The message is directly addressed to the Pastor of PCC Ntanfoang and the Moderator for being unexact on who masterminded the attack that caused the demise of a Christian.

The office of the Moderator signed a communique which reads in part: “Church Service was in session at the Presbyterian Church Ntanfoang in Bali Sub-division, the seat of the Bali Presbytery when it was interrupted by gunshots.

“The Pastor of the congregation who doubles as the Presbyterial Secretary for Bali Presbytery, the Rev. Voma Simon Montoh was on duty ministering to the Christians in Church when suddenly there was a loud explosion outside close to the Church House, followed by random gunshots…”It was in the course of this reckless shooting, we learned, that bullets were rained on the Church house injuring the Rev. Voma Simon Montoh on the arm and killing a female Christian of the PCC by the name Grace Titalabit
instantly in Church.”

Failure to reveal the truth that French Cameroun masterminded the atrocity, with the aim of tarnishing the reputation of Ambazonian Fighters, sparked criticism of the fact that the church has become a political entity; supporting either of the belligerents to the conflict nearing its fifth year.

Meantime, Grace Titalabit has been laid to rest while Rev. Voma Simon Montoh has reportedly escaped his Presbytery.

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