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Civil society in South Africa picks the Southern Cameroons Case





Civil society in South Africa picks the Southern Cameroons Case.

The Right To Know is a civil society organisation based in SA. It focuses on information as a basic human right to every citizen. We recall many media houses in SA contacted LRC embassy in SA about the crises in Cameroon and they refused to comment. This and other issues have angered the movement and they sort and got permission from SA authorities to lead a march of 1000 South Africans to the embassy. Their mission is to inform the embassy staff that as South Africans, they have a right to know what is happening in any country that shares diplomatic relations with South Africa.

Amongst other things, they wish to question the Cameroon government on why they shut down internet for over 3 months in the Southern Cameroons. We also recall that some ministers were sent by Biya to try and push the South Africa government to shut down the SCBC which is hosted in SA. This group has been following this story and is furious why such a tool used to inform SC can be asked to be shut. The group has equally written to MTN asking them to tell SA why they have decided as a SA company abroad to side with a repressive government and tarnish the image of the country abroad. Also recall that when the chairman of the GC Ayuk Tabe went to south Africa, he was given a good attention by the media in that country.

Our comrades in South Africa will be joining them in the over 1000 march in Pretoria tomorrow. They will hand in a memo and demand explanations. It is also our wish to inform you that 3 civil society organisations in South Africa have accepted to accompany our struggle for freedom. They are urging their government to take up the case just as other countries took the case against apartheid.


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