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Nkwen Elite Writes To Cameroon Intelligence Report, Refutes Arm Smuggling






Dear publisher Cameroon intelligence Report (CIR) online,

I Marcelius Atanga, a concerned elite of Nkwen clearly understand that most of the news information you get comes from your men in the field and other bloggers and be also informed some of these information are biased and meant to vilify and tarnish the reputation of others.

We write on behalf of the Fon and elite of the Nkwen village and we sincerely tell you that no weapons were smuggled into the palace.

The palace remains a symbol of unity and peace and a home to all both orphans the privilege and the underprivileged. As a father the Fon is open for any advice to his children and not to harbour weapons for whatever reasons.

The cameroon intelligence reporters should therefore feed you with appropriate information rather than false info that can put us at danger with each other. We therefore again deny that our palace is not an army barracks.

Moreso claims like that should be carefully verified before you make them public.

NB: Published by CIR unedited

BaretaNews Note: BaretaNews is publishing this report because it earlier shared same report when Cameroon Intelligence Reported. However, BaretaNews notes that Fons and Chiefs have earlier called on vigilantes against the struggle, we will investigate this matter fully.

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