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Ghost Town Obedience Leaves Colonial Officials In Trouble



Ghost Town Obedience Leaves Colonial Officials In Trouble

By Mbah Godlove

Inhabitants of Buea have left colonial officials worried after observing this week’s traditional Monday ghost town operation in grand style.

Streets remained deserted and businesses shut down as residents of the Ambazonian capital honored the clarion call to stay at home this Monday, July 12.

BN has learned that one of the areas which felt today’s boycott of Activities was Molyko.

It is worth mentioning that some French Cameroun administrators who were disappointed at the nature of the town went around destroying property belonging to denizens.

Sources say, colonial council officials embedded in a military patrol, damaged several items on the basis that owners respected Monday’s ghost town.

Despite the pressure from council authorities denizens still massively observed the Monday traditional ghost town operation

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