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April 22, 2020


The common opinion is that the publication of the report on the Ngarbuh Massacre is a step in the right direction. So it is because it is an extremely rare occurrence in the conduct of official business in Cameroun!

But every reason there is to suppose that the government’s apparent volt-face is limited in time and space. It is all the more so because the government has as its mainstay or core policy the going all out to build hollow credibility on shameless falsehood. In the pursuance of that ruthless endeavour, the government does call in aid such satanic institution as CRTV; and does enlist the connivance of dubious private actors, most of whom have notorious criminal records.

At the forefront of such criminal sycophants are those holding themselves out as intellectuals. They are prepared to trade their souls for thirty pieces of silver; and, so, do crusade for the booty even at the expense of innocent human lives. Even some men of law with parental nexus to the PAYS ORGANISATEUR do wear perforated legal cloaks in the pursuit of those illegal gains.

Then comes the group of praise-singers who deify the paymaster and vilify the honest with unverified, gratuitous assertions. They are made to look genuine with access to state secrets, and the allowance to divulge such secrets precipitously and authoritatively.

The most dangerous of all are notorious criminals with human blood on their hands. By connivance, the state authorities give them tacit approval to kill and the means to blame the killings on others. And the state authorities indulge them with huge amounts of money to the point where some BASTARD SON OF A WHORE is quick to tell the world nonchalantly that he can give a million naira to a single suffering refugee. Even as the state has given not as much as a franc to any of the scores of thousands of refugees in Nigeria!

For the state to be credible and to prove that Ngarbuh is the threshold to a new way of official life, the dismantling of these structures with LIE-TELLING as their mission should begin here and now. The concrete way to go about it could begin with the publication of the findings about other massacres such as Menka – Pinyin; Awing; Babanki; Wum; Esu; Bali; Batibo; Widikum; Nkongho village; Mamfe; Kumba; Bole; Kwakwa; Mautu; etc. If the necessary commissions have not yet been set up, they should so be in the like of Ngarbuh with minimum delay. And such similar commissions should throw the light on who were responsible for the burning of hospitals: Kumba, Mbonge, Shissong, Mbingo. Not forgetting the burning of hundreds of our villages!!!




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  1. Sunshine

    April 23, 2020 at 6:48 AM

    Biya, the weak and fearful president of french Cameroun.

    The only response biya has in mitigating the Southern Cameroon stalemate is by use of the gun, attacking poor Southern Cameroonians with the might of the state security apparatus. Biya is intrenched in this attack method because he believes he is strong, and self-confident. In his heart of hearts, biya is weak, fearful, insecure and vulnerable dictator. The etudi despot just discovered that bringing pressure to bear on Southern Cameroonians cannot and will never eliminate the resistance he is working too hard to crush. A political problem can and will never be resolved by biya’s brutal soldiers with machine guns. Biya is already a failure to himself and the Cameroon French community because has spilled too much innocent blood. He can only live in shame and disgust and fear for killing over 25,000 and burn over 400 Anglophones homes for standing up to ask peacefully their own piece of cake. Southern Cameroonians do not fear or respect a brute who tortures and kills them to address simple political issues.

    • tortise

      April 23, 2020 at 3:11 PM

      Sunshine, there you go again! Calling the demon that pays you a weak president! Biya might like your sweet mbombo version of write up but, to constantly call him a despot with a sunshine chapter, is provking! If you think you have a spoon long enough to eat and run before being caught, then ask the kinds of minister “Efrem Hihohi”

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