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Paul Biya’s Henchman on Live TV Promises to Kill US Ambassador




Paul Biya’s Henchman on Live TV Promises to Kill US Ambassador to CameroUn

The recent message of the US Congress to Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) delivered through the US Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin, has completely sent the surrogates of the colonial dictator crazy. In fact, one Mr. Banda Kani, a Biya fanatic has promised to send the US Ambassador back to the US in a coffin, added to other vituperative statements he made.

Mr. Banda, was reacting to the recent good will counsel to Paul Biya, by the US Congress. In that message, the Ambassador had advised Biya to start thinking about the legacy he would want to leave behind as president of CameroUn. He had also accused the colonial terrorists and Amabzonian warriors of atrocities, with the terrorist forces committing targeted killings, incommunicado detentions, looting and burning down of Ambazonian villages.

It was basically on the above message by the US, that the Biya regime and its slaves have all gone mad. Mr. Banda therefore described the US Ambassador to CameroUn as a thug with grey hairs which will soon turn into pale. According to him, nobody in the world can mess with CameroUn and go free and CameroUn does not depend on anybody for survival. Below is a translated transcript of Mr. Banda’s vituperations.

Mr. Banda: That man, that [American] Ambassador, he’ll go home in a coffin, I’m not mincing words.

Tv Host: Isn’t that a bit over-the-top?

Mr. Banda: I say he’ll go home in a coffin! Don’t mess with Cameroun! We depend on no one! I count on the power of the one true god! Let them mess with Cameroun and they’ll get what is coming. I’ve said it before here: No power in the world, None, could ever dare Cameroun! The man you see there [referring to the US Ambassador Peter Barlerin] in gray hair, his hair will turn pale and he’ll go home in a coffin! That thug of an Ambassador!

Tv Host: Mr. Banda Kani, would you please calm down?

Mr. Banda: No Mrs. Vanessa, it is too much. This is unacceptable”

It is very laughable when the sycophant said that nobody messes with CameroUn and goes free, and that CameroUn depends on nobody for survival. It is the very LRC sycophants who were hailing the same Ambassador, when he described Ambazonian revolutionaries in America as a group of minorities preaching hatred among Cameroonians. It is the very Biya sycophants who were hailing the US for the strong military corporations with Cameroon, following the donation of two fighter jets to the colonial terrorist army by the US.

But now, the Ambassador who was just a bearer of a message of good will and caution from the US Congress, has suddenly become a thug in the eyes of the same government. What is wrong for the US Ambassador to tell the colonial octogenarian Paul Biya, to consider leaving office after having been in power for more than 35years?

What is wrong with the statement of the US Ambassador that LRC terrorist soldiers are guilty of war crimes and atrocities? Is it a lie that colonial soldiers have committed atrocities in Ambazonia? Or is it a lie that Paul Biya is old enough not to run for political office again?

As the colonial sycophantic slaves continue to rant from one media house to the other abusing the US diplomat, they must also study their history lessons very well. No nation or individual messes up with the American government and goes free. No nation ever ridiculed a US diplomat anywhere in the world without consequences, not to talk of sending its agent on live television to threatened the life of the Ambassador of almighty USA.

Only time shall tell

James Agbor

BaretaNews Analyst

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