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Agbor Tabi Finally Sleeps As His Legacy is Contested




President Paul Biya decorated posthumously Prof Peter Agbor Tabi with the medal of National Order of Valour before he was being interred in his native Ndekwai village on June 4, 2016. Peter Agbor Tabi died on 26 April, 2016 in Paris, France. His native village saw thousands of friends and sympathizers who converged on the ceremonial ground in Mamfe.
South West Administration, former cabinet ministers, current ministers, members of the Senate and National Assembly, ministers of God, traditional rulers, CERAC women, CPDM party supporters could be seen in attendance. Secretary-General at the Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh represented Paul Biya at the Mamfe ceremonial ground. A college of clergymen officiated the ecumenical service during which they prayed for the repose of the soul of late Prof.
All eulogies attested to the sterling qualities of devotedness, humility, loyalty, hardworking and love for his community. The representative of the Head of State described Prof. Agbor Tabi as a man of conviction, values and responsibility who served his nation with diligence and commitment. “In him, we have lost a prominent figure in Cameroon administration, a senior statesman and a patriot. The Head of State’s condolence message was then read and handed to the family by the Senior Divisional Officer of Manyu, Peter Tieh Ndeh.
However, Dr Rexon in UK had some words for those who were all singing too much praises to the legacy of Prof Agbor Tabi. He wrote ” Predominantly, natives of Manyu have claimed he loved them because he used his influence as a minister of higher education to ensure undeserving Manyu youths are admitted into Cameroon’s premier teacher training college –ENS. This was at the expense of other deserving and qualified Cameroonians. According to them, he was a bold man who played with the system for the benefit of his people.I just want to state that I personally find these comments insulting, even though I have members of my own immediate maternal family who benefitted from this scam. There is nothing wrong in wanting to help your own people and to love them. But you do not express love to your own people by denying others of their own right as Cameroonians to pursue their own careers.
He continues…………
” ENS was never Agbor Tabi’s personal property. It was a state institution designed to accommodate every deserving Cameroonian. Denying others the opportunity to pursue their careers there purely because they came from the wrong tribe was completely wrong. And to want to justify it purely because everyone else in his rank as minister was doing something similar is naïve….”
And concluded………..

” Agbor Tabi’s case was a choice which expressed hate on Cameroonians/Cameroon. He didn’t love Cameroon and he didn’t love even those he helped as in his pursuit for power, he was using them and he didn’t mind setting them up against other Cameroonians. Everyone wants to become something in this life and the desire to realize innate possibilities is inherent in human nature. Once rights are denied or people are forced due to circumstances to pursue the wrong career choice, then society can’t function properly…”

God is still saying something.


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