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Colonial soldiers invade some neighborhoods in Buea causing severe havoc



Extortion, Torture, Massive Arrest By Colonial Elements in Buea

By Mbah Godlove

Colonial soldiers invade some neighborhoods in Buea causing severe havoc.

Sources say major localities including Bwitingi, were raided beginning 5:30 am December 29, 2020.

The soldiers who were armed to the teeth, forced their way into homes, extorting money, torturing those who resisted to succumb, as well as perpetrated wanton arrests.

The residence of a University of Buea lecturer was stormed and at gunpoint demanded huge sums of money.

“Your colleagues had been earlier on and I gave them money,” he told the second contingent of colonial soldiers who came in less than two hours after their comrades.

“We are not our colleagues, you gave them and not us,” one of them responded as he charged close to him, ready to trigger.

Afraid of his life, the victim offered them some banknotes.

Ransacking of homes in Ambazonia has become a new normal for French Cameroun forces who have embrace the art as a way to raise money.

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