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Genocide in Ambazonia: Colonial Forces Execute Crown Prince of Bessi Fondom.



Geneocide in Ambazonia

Genocide in Ambazonia: Colonial Forces Execute Crown Prince of Bessi Fondom.

The carnage by colonial terrorists of La Repubique du Cameroon (LRC) in Ambazonia, has extended into the palaces of traditional rulers in the territory. Prince Mbah Dan Njeck, popularly known as Danjeck, of Bessi Fondom in Momo County, was summarily executed on Thursday by colonial forces and his corpse dumped in the bush some where in Widikum.

According to eyewitness report from Bessi indigenes, LRC terrorist soldiers attacked Bessi village on Thursday May 31, 2018 at about 5p.m. On that day, Prince Danjeck was said to have left from Guzang, riding on a horse, going back to Bessi. He had a brief stop at the Nsamungong market square to discuss with some villagers.

While at the Market Square, colonial terrorist forces of LRC suddenly, appeared on the scene and opened fire on the villagers. As the people scampered into the bushes, Prince, BaretaNews is told, mounted his horse and was trying to run away.

Unfortunately, he was shot and killed alongside his horse and his corpse taken away by the terrorists forces. Villagers, got up on Friday to find blood around the Nsamungong market square and tried to investigate. Villagers became increasingly worried after the lifeless horse of the prince was discovered at the back of Bessi Community Hall.

As the search intensified with family members making contacts with all neighbouring villages, information soon reached the family and villagers that me the lifeless body of the Prince had been found dumped by Mr. Biya’s genocidal forces in a cliff at a place called Tiben in Widikum.

With the assistance of villagers and Local Government authorities, the body of the prince was retrieved and taken to the mortuary, as villagers waled at his gruesome execution.

Most villagers have described the Prince Danjeck, as a very humble and interactive gentleman, who was particularly loved by the people and friends. Sources claim that he was largely perceived as the crown prince of Bessi, considering the fact that he was a very close assistant to his father, the Paramount ruler of Bessi, who happens to be one of the oldest traditional rulers in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia still living.

Colonial terrorist forces are beginning to take their provocations too far, executing not only innocent citizens but also members of royal families and even palaces which are considered very sacred places especially in the culture is the Northern zone. Videos have also emerged on social media from Lebialen County, showing the burning and looting of the ancient and historic palace of Azi.

As the terrorist regime perpetuates more of this acts of genocide, the people are becoming even more determined in their quest for freedom. Enough of the people’s blood has been shed and this blood is certainly not in vain, neither is it for any kind of Union with the murderous state of LRC. The blood is for nothing less than the freedom of Ambazonia. If not, it shall hunt all those who ever started the restoration movement.

James Agbor
BaretaNews Politics Analyst.

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