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New Administration Of French Cameroun’s Football Federation Forsakes Anglophones; Agbor Balla Stinks Back At Eto’o



New Administration Of French Cameroun’s Football Federation Forsakes Anglophones; Agbor Balla Stinks Back At Eto’o

By Mbah Godlove

At a time when French Cameroun’s colonial regime is trying to use football as a factor to win the minds of denizens, Barrister Agbor Balla feels that excluding Amazonians from the current FECAFOOT executive rather adds insults to injury.

Despite converging on Victoria for a FECAFOOT session, the Human Rights Advocate considers the meeting less important, given that all 6 members appointed by FECAFOOT’s boss, Samuel Eto’o Fils are of French Cameroun extraction.

This situation according to the legal mind is clear evidence of marginalization and bad faith on the Eto’o-led administration.

“I just read the Press Release of the resolutions adopted at the Ordinary Session of the Executive Committee held in Limbe. While acknowledging the fact that it was a good initiative to hold the meeting in Limbe, I noticed that of ALL the members confirmed and approved for recruitment, Non is an ANGLOPHONE,” he revealed on his Facebook page.

“These are clear marginalization of Anglophones,” he added.

Critics believe that it is time for Barrister Agbor Balla who has often maintained that a Federal system of government is the best way out of the ongoing armed conflict to have a rethink and join the struggle for the restoration of Ambazonia’s statehood especially at a time when victory is eminent.

The Barrister called on Samuel Etoo to include Anglophones in the 4 remaining posts in his government, if not, his claim is evident.

“I hope that with the mandate given to the President of FECAFOOT to proceed with the recruitment of four (4) other executives within the Federation; he will appoint Anglophones,” the legal mind said.

“This is a major setback for the Eto’o-led Football Federation. We should not be blinded by “Etomania”. I am a fan of Eto’o, but I will equally condemn any acts of marginalization and discrimination against Anglophones,’ he revealed.

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