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SDF MPs Protest Song and the Call of the Interim President of Ambazonia








SDF MPs Protest Song and the Call of the Interim President of Ambazonia

The Interim President (IP) of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Sissiku Ayuk Julius Tabe has once again called on all Southern Cameroons MPs still in La Republique’s Parliament to heed to the voices of their people and relocate to Buea, in a replay of the 1954 events in the Eastern Regional House of Assembly, Enugu, Nigeria. This is a decision history demands of them at the moment, and they must do it while they still have the choice to do so. This call is contained in a one page letter dated 23 November, 2017, and addressed to the Ambazonian MPs, both SDF and CPDM.


The IP began his letter, by describing as historic, the action of the the SDF MPs – taking to the floor of the hemicycle to intone Amba protest songs. He congratulated the SDF Lawmakers (who are largely Southern Cameroonians) for the dramatic display yesterday, but also called on them to do more. He reminded them that, “the events of 1st October, 2017, were a stark reminder that, as leaders, they have been deserted by their people in the inhospitable land called the Republic of Cameroun. If the Lawmakers are still in the service of their constituents, they will muster the courage to follow their constituents’ demands”

The IP also assured them of his administration’s position “… that once our MPs formally tender their resignation, a Sergeant-at-arms will receive the credentials of ALL of them who choose to leave Yaoundé and assume their rightful place in the people’s house in Buea. The longer they wait, the more Tue risk they expose their people to; incivility, mayhem, extortion and savagery…”It is pertinent to state that only two Southern Cameroons MPs, Hons. Joseph Wirba of Jakiri Special Constituency and Fusi Namukong of Bafut-Tubah Constituency, have heeded the call from their people not to return to Yaoundé.

During the staged drama by the SDF MPs at the Hands-Clapping assembly yesterday, one of the protest songs that resonated in the half burnt building was;

Toda…………….y (2x)
Today may be the last day, we don’t kno………w.

Were the MPs just singing a song or they were actually passing the message in the song? If they were just singing a song, then, they may need to watch and listen to themselves again and get clearly the message behind their own song. But if they were actually passing across the message in the song, then, BaretaNews wishes to call on them to once more listen to the voices of their constituents and take advantage of this repeated call from the IP to relocate to the Federal Capital of Ambazonia, Buea. They have done more than enough to show the world that they care for their constituents and need genuine and sincere dialogue to address the outstanding causes of this crisis. The colonial government and its officials have equally done more than enough to show the world that they are not ready for any form of dialogue with Southern Cameroonians. So why continue to stay in their Parliament and expose your people to more danger from the occupational forces.

Today, may be the last call for the MPs to pull of LRC, we don’t know.

Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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