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Menoua Population In Panic After Ambazonia Forces Storm Market



Menoua Population In Panic After Ambazonia Forces Storm Market

By Mbah Godlove

Villages of Pia, Menoua division of French Cameroun West region have remained in fear for about 48 hours after a contingent of Ambazonia forces majestically visited the area in broad daylight.

Ambazonian fighters who in several outings have expressed discontent over the continuous torture of unarmed civilians by Cameroun colonial forces, have now decided to also start attacking localities in French Cameroun.

However, the Ambazonia forces who invaded the Pia Market recently were not out to torture the people.

They only use this mission to demonstrate their invincibility.

Ambazonia forces arrived at the locality about 9 AM and fired several gunshots in the air to alert the population of their presence.

This forced the people to flee to different directions for safety.

The Ambazonia fighters on their part set some vehicles and bikes on fire as a means to show that they were on the land.

48 hours after the broad-daylight operations, inhabitance of Pia and surrounding villages in the Manoua division have remained in fear as they wonder what may happen next.

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