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Buea Youth Decry Colonial gendarmes Extortion as War Of Independence Persist



Buea Youth Decry Colonial gendarmes Extortion as War Of Independence Persist

By Mbah Godlove

Young people in Buea, capital of Ambazonia have decried growing extortion from colonial gendarmes

Thousands of French Cameroun gendarmes and police were deployed to Buea in the wake of the ongoing war of Independence.

Instead of fighting restoration forces whom they consider enemies, they have turned against innocent youth.

On a daily basis, dozens of young men with or without identification documents are rounded up and taken to various gendarme and police stations where they often pay huge sums of money to secure their release.

The phenomenon has become the new normal in Buea as the youthful population can not go about their daily activities hitch-free.

This is because they are afraid to fall into the hands of these colonial monsters whose goal is to drain the little this population has earned from their hard work.

Worst of all is the fact that these colonial elements get locals arrested right in their homes.

“No place is saved for us, not even our bedrooms,” revealed a victim to BarataNews.

Owing to this continuous extortion, Ambazonian Youth lives in perpetual fear as the very next second is often clouded by uncertainties.

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