Ambazonia Acting President Calls For Worldwide Massive Protest 5th January 2019




Dear Ambazonians,

Our nation will forever remember January 05th 2018, a day when French Cameroun’s evil commando front in conspiracy with some of Buhari’s corrupt government officials, invaded our President’s emergency cabinet meeting at NERA Hotel in Abuja, kidnapped him alongside 11 of his Cabinet members.

This monstrous attempt was a mission well planned to puncture our resolve as a people, pierce the main face of our revolution with the intent to destroy or force us to surrender. Little did they know, it was only going to revive our spirit and quest for a free homeland.

January 05th 2019 will mark one year since this nightmarish incident occurred;
One year of total defiance of every legal principle by the Biya and Buhari governments during their unlawful abduction, brutal repatriation and inhumane detention of our president and co in underground prisons in Yaounde.

For one year, our people have wondered the gross injustice and humiliation. We therefore call on every single Ambazonian this day, 05th January 2019, as we continue to press on for their unconditional release to join this global crusade. In every nation and in every continent, let us come out in our numbers.

We have christened it SISIKU JULIUS AYUKTABE & CO DAY OF JUSTICE. We will produce billboards, T-shirts and every solidarity material with this artwork. We wish to commend all the activists who have already started in anticipation, thank you! Together let us make this go viral. We look forward to a broad based planning committee in the days ahead.

Let us put our acts and arts together, and let this day be an event of ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION AND A GLOBAL IMPACT!

God bless you,
And May God Bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia

Dr. Samuel Sako

Ambazonia Acting President

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mami Small MBOMBO

    December 20, 2018 at 11:05 PM

    Megalomania of unbridled proportions. Crazy Munjingny Beggar Uneducated Conman Con Pastor Sako! Nobody is going with this your CRAZY FATWA.There was never an Ambazonia when the whites came in barely 90 years ago and clothed your naked Bakweris and other bantu tribes.White people invented everything and even invented the nations in Africa.What did you BIG DICK PACKING MOKWE and other LAZY POOR DIRT MONKEY SUB_HUMANS Invent???When you guys cannot do anything for yourself you are now using white man’s technology to create billboards over a PUTATIVE online Republic???You are a bunch of thieves and dictators as evidenced by the SWINDLING of $50,000 that was contributed in DC for your senseless and RECKLESS dane gun NYONGO NYONGO NYONGO in which you send gullible innocent boys to their deaths and remain abroad on welfare or soliciting donations and forming FAKE churches and seeking tithes while sponsoring death squads in Cameroon.There is and there will never be anything like AMBAZONIA coined by the diminutive pastor of the Olumba OlUMba OBUH Brotherhood of the MOON and STAR Church of Calabar where you lived and trained in frustration and sneaked into America. As pure USURPERS, you now call yourself PHD or academic Dr. of the WORD of SATAN!!!You shall die in frustration for nobody is yet to recognize that folly coined Dinka!You hijacked a strike in which the government caved to the demands of English speaking Cameroonians and appointed yourselves INTERIm government, Interim chairman, interim ,looter, interim PETROLEUM deal a la NTikang CHO AYABA interim shit, interim defense minister, interim communications chief a la BANWA TSE TSDE FLY cum Baboon fake pastor conman Chris Anu!
    Did your Bakweri ancestors cede their vast and rich soils to the white man who created CDC with the following phrases :CUTTAM GO??After you rebelled and GRAFFIS were brought to work on the plantations, did you sell them land for bales of MUKANJO (stock fish)?? Did the Graffis thank God for being on the “KUS” wwhere they saw “MUTU” cars withfor the first time as some called it MUNGWIN(locust)???Did all of you low IQ`NIGGERS like you and I ever sell other blacks into slavery for trinkets, RUM and GIN, and gun powder???Do you in your WARPED mind think you can create and Anglo Saxon republic when you are not Anglo Saxon? Why is the Commonwealth or England turning a deaf and snobbish ear to this your AMBAZONIA?While you lived in trees and the bushes and walked naked foraging the environment for food, WHITES brought their civilization and showed you a part of it.Today it is AMbazonia this ,Struggle (as PUNKS from America and behind computer keyboards) while innocent people are sent to their deaths .Ewelle LEPROSY Julius TABE is not and has never been a leader.He is not accredited by anybody and never will.How come he only became interim leader last year??Can you guys provide for the millions of innocents people in the North West and South west whose lives and livelihood you have disrupted from your computer keyboards and sites created by the white man with your CHAOS,CHILD MOLESTATION and SCHOOL BOYCOTTS,Kidnappings for RANSOM,Broad daylight HIJACKINGS and ARMED Robberies, Rapes by bush commanders and ROGUES Called AMBA BOYS,ECONOMIC GENOCIDE in Ghost Towns, FUCKING in the BUSH,Sleeping in TREES, DRING MAGGOT TUMBU water from streams,Disease etc?can you pay the fees of a single person?yet MAYHEM, PYROMANIA,VANDALISM ,BEHEADINGS are the order of the day.No human in his right sense ever recognized that Baboon called Julius Tabe and none recognizes this your utopian FOLLY of a PUTATIVE republic called AMBAZONIA.You are now fighting amongst yourselves with those from Ekona decamping in droves.You GUYS AINT SEEN SHIT YET.
    KUDOS to the Cameroon and Nigerian intelligence Services for humiliating you barbarians as they sopped you guys from a hotel room in disgrace.You did not know that you were being monitored being the low IQ strategists and SUB-HUMANS that we are.On January 5th, I shall pop champagnes and EAT Ekwang and even slaughter a cow to thank GOD for divine justice against all those who are rekingling slavery in the form of a PUTATIVE and RECKLESS republic called AMBAZONIA while sacrificing their blood online through SOPHISTICATED NYONG.SHUT THE FUCK UP you Mother FUCKING PUNK ass Hallucinating NIGGER.Poor Smelly Dirty LAZY Baboon!Mola Keka!Na Mo Lingi BAStard!!piece of shit!

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