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After Molesting 4, Buea Denizen Call for Elimination Of Chief Moja Moja



After Molesting 4, Buea Denizen Call for Elimination Of Chief Moja Moja

By Mbah Godlove

Some denizens of Buea have begun clamoring for the immediate arrest or elimination of Moja Moja a notorious traditional ruler who is known for arresting and torturing unarmed civilians.

The cause was echoed earlier this week when the colonial soldier cum Buasa Village chief was seen on camera molesting poor innocent civilians.

Going by a 260-second video tape that surfaced on social media earlier this week, Moja Moja indicted 4 ordinary Ambazonians as he suspected them as Ambazonia fighters on grounds that they were walking on the street on Monday, a traditional ghost town day in Ambazonia.

An eyewitness recounted how the 4 men were severely tortured off-camera as Moja Moja was poised on presenting them to colonial gendarme offices in Buea.

The recent videotape of the 4 innocent civilians left many an Ambazonian very worried.

This has pushed them to start calling on Ambazonia forces to launch an offensive move that would put an end to Moja Moja’s aggression.

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