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Mancho Bibixy Calls For Solidarity With Mbengwi Road Colonial Fire Victims



Mancho Bibixy Calls For Solidarity With Mbengwi Road Colonial Fire Victims

By Mbah Godlove

Incarcerated Ambazonian leader, Mancho Bibixy has enjoined Southern Cameroonians to support fellow compatriots in Bengwi Road, most of whom have been rendered homeless by colonial soldiers.

In 8 minutes 41 seconds of audio making rounds on social media, the coffee revolution frontline posited that showing solidarity to homeless Ambazonians in Bengwi Road is crucial as the people struggle to recover from colonial barbarism.

He decried the fact that French Cameroun’s soldiers whom he said can barely construct houses for themselves, are bent on destroying beautiful houses of Ambazonians.

Amidst the situation of victims of the Bengwi colonial razing, Mancho entreated Ambazonians to support the homeless population as much as they can.

According to him, Ambazonians need to be United, so that collectively, they could knock out the occupier and recuperate territory.

The outspoken Mancho believes that Restoration Forces have broken the myth that colonial Soldiers are invincible.

Are earlier reported, French Cameroun’s soldiers stormed Mbengwi Road on December 08, 2021, where they razed over 40 homes and killed dozens of unarmed Ambazonians.

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