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Ambazonia Forces Renew Determination To Obstruct Colonial AFCON in Ambazonia



Ambazonia Forces Renew Determination To Obstruct Colonial AFCON in Ambazonia

By Mbah Godlove

Barely 3 weeks to the start of the 2022 Total African Cup of Nations, restoration forces have re-echoed their determination to interrupt the event.

In the meantime, visitors hoping to attend the said continental competition have to consider their security before thinking of setting foot on Ambazonian soil.

Since 2018 when French Cameroun won the bid to host the tournament, Ambazonian Forces unequivocally made it clear that no such colonial activity could be organized in their territory.

According to the restoration Forces, the prevailing atmosphere marked by the ongoing war of Independence can not guarantee for the safety of guests.

Based on this premise all visitors are called upon not to risk their lives to travel to the conflict-hit Southern zone of Ambazonia in the name of AFCON.

As CAF’s kick-off deadline draws near, Ambazonian forces are multiplying afford to ensure that the disbanded event doesn’t take place in their territory.

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