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Forceful Disappearance Of Abdulkarim Stirs Tension, Anger In Ambazonians



Forceful Disappearance Of Abdulkarim Stirs Tension, Anger In Ambazonians

By Mbah Godlove.

The brutal arrest of renowned Ambazonian Muslim scholar, Abdulkarim has pushed many denizens to start planning to fight for his release.

The firebrand religious leader was whisked off from his Bamenda residence at 7:00pm, Thursday, August 11 2022 by a heavily armed contingent of colonial soldiers.

Since his arrest, family members have made several attempts to meet him at the military prison at Up station in Bamenda but were denied access.

The Muslim scholar,who has now been arrested for the third time by French Cameroun forces remains unaccounted for since Thursday night.

The outspoken leader was taken shortly after his return from Kenya where he discussed the issue of Southern Cameroons with pan africanist, PLO Lumumba.

After struggling to meet him with very little success, family members fear Abdulkarim might have been eliminated,a situation which has sparked anger in many of his followers who now seek to fight back.

The days ahead are filled with a lot of uncertainties as the whereabouts of Abdulkarim continues to leave Ambazonians worried .

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