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International Pressure Forces Biya To Convene Extraordinary Parliamentary Session



International Pressure Forces Biya To Convene Extraordinary Parliamentary Session

By Mbah Godlove

The ailing President of French Cameroun, dictator Paul Biya has convened an extraordinary parliamentary session owing to pressure from the international community to put an end to the mayhem in Ambazonia.

On the request of tyrant Biya, colonial speaker of the National Assembly, Cavayé Yéguié Djibril and Senate’s President, Marcel Niat Njifenji in separate communiques on Wednesday announced that both houses will on Friday December 13 have a “special” plenary session.

Although the motive of the session has not been made known, BaretaNews sources in Yaounde reveal that much pressure from human right groups, USA and other bodies have greatly influenced the scheduling of Friday’s meeting.

According to a recent statement from the US ambassador to the United Nation, the Biya regime needs to employ quick action to end the ongoing war in Ambazonia which have claimed over 15000 lives.

The Diplomat said military option cannot resolve the imbroglio, and that a frank dialogue be organized to broker a peace deal between the belligerents.

Meantime, the summoning of members of the two houses comes less than 24 hours after the French Cameroun kangaroo parliament adopted a bill which had as motive to completely erase the Common Law system in Southern Cameroons.

Over a month ago, in Paris-France, the 86 year-old President of La Republique du Cameroun confessed that since the regime’s intention to assimilate Ambazonia had failed, he was going to grant them a special status, a pledge many a Southern Cameroonian has rejected, stating that they need nothing else than immediate and complete independence.

It remains doubtful if Saturday’s extraordinary convention will dwell on the highly sang Special Status whose nature is begging for an explanation.

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