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Sisiku’s Government Endorses US-Ambazonia’s Factfinding Mission Idea



Sisiku Government Endorses US-Ambazonia’s Factfinding Mission Idea

By Mbah Godlove

The government of incarcerated Ambazonian President, Sisiku Ajuk Tabe has thrown total support behind a recent decision taken by US to deploy a factfinding Mission to Ambazonia.

In a recent document signed by Carson Anyangwe, Ambazonia’s Interim Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, unequivocally welcomed the decision to send an
emissary to investigate and uncover numerous atrocities committed by the brutal colonial army of La Republique du Cameroun.

“The people of Ambazonia and their leadership are open to meet and work on every genuine initiative offered by the international community led by credible and well meaning organisations and countries that do not only seek peace to return to the regions [Northern and Southern Zones], but above all, seek justice for the people of Southern Cameroons,” he revealed.

Days back, the American House of Representatives chided the government of 86 year-old dictator Paul Biya of French Cameroun for failing to seek adequate measures to address the ongoing deadly conflict in Ambazonia.

The US Concress also resolved to send a Factfinding Mission to the war ravaged Northern and Southern Zones, categorically outlining that Biya’s brutal military approach toward averting the present status quo will only aggravate the situation.

The statement from Congress also entreated the colonial regime to embrace the Swiss announced dialogue as a means to bury the 3 year-old conflict which has claimed over 15000 souls.

The Sisiku’s Ambazonian Government welcomes America’s initiative and expressed its willingness to embrace any other country which is of good will to save the suffering Ambazonian people

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