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US Government Frowns At Military Excesses, Admits Frank Dialogue Will Resuscitate US-Cameroun’s Bilateral Tie



US Government Frowns At Military Excesses, Admits Frank Dialogue Will Resuscitate US-Cameroun’s Bilateral Tie

By Mbah Godlove

The Congress of the United States’ House of Representatives has entreated dictator Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) to shun military option in tackling the Ambazonian quest for independence.

In a letter addressed to President Paul Biya recently, the members of Congress revealed that the Biya administration should welcome Swiss’ proposed mediation offer which, according to them, would de-escalate the long-standing tention in Ambazonia.

The US unequivocally held LRC’s diabolic troops responsible for war atrocities committed in Ambazonia since Biya’s declaration of war against Southern Cameroons which has resulted to over 15000 deaths.

Just as Ambazonia’s Interim Government had earlier suggested in September when school resumption was highly cherished and called for by many, that President Biya should create buffer zones for an enabling environment for school resumption, which certainly felt on deaf ears, the Americans also blamed Biya responsible for the over 855,000 of school going people who have been deprived of education.

According to figures made public by the US, “as of November 2019, more than 2,000 people have died, as many as 710,000 people have been internally displaced, and 44,000 refugees have fled to neighbouring Nigeria, due to the on-going conflict in the Northwest and Southwest [Ambazonian Northern and Southern Zones.]”

They also vehemently revealed that if Biya continues to undermine the humanitarian situation in Ambazonia, the future of generations to come might be more dangerous that might result to other more unrests.

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