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Worldwide Demonstrations Against Large Scale Arson And Forced Elections



Buea, January 25, 2020

Press Release

Worldwide Demonstrations Against Large Scale Arson And Forced Elections

The Consortium has been following with indignation, the recent spate of arson attacks on villages and towns in the former UN Trust Territory of British of Southern Cameroons by occupational forces of La Republique du Cameroun, the targeted killing of males, intensified looting, and the violent imposition of elections billed for 9th February 2020 on this territory in the midst of a war.

After wide consultation with Civil Society and our partners, we hereby call on all bona fide Southern Cameroonians to come out and protest massively against this grave injustice to which the world has maintained a stunning silence. Since January 1st, the onslaught of the Cameroun army on communities in Southern Cameroons has wreaked havoc, displacing large numbers of people, deepening the food crisis and worsening the humanitarian situation in the former UN Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons.

Faced with this sustained aggression on our people, The Consortium calls on all Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora to demonstrate a show of disapproval before the international community and to draw world attention to the bloodshed we have endured for two years. In this light, all Southern Cameroonians must put aside their partisan differences and coordinate worldwide demonstrations in their host cities on Friday 7 February 2020.

These demonstrations are in solidarity with our people whose lives La Republique du Cameroun has transformed into a nightmare. We call on all Southern Cameroonians to stand up and be counted and like one man says, “Enough is Enough!”

God is with us!

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