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Lebialem: Hunting Of Ambazonian Fighters Lands Colonial Soldiers In Danger



Lebialem: Hunting Of Ambazonian Fighters Lands Colonial Soldiers In Danger

By Mbah Godlove

Some French Cameroun soldiers have met their Waterloo in lebialem county after attempting to attack Ambazonia restoration fighters.

According to Dream FM radio Buea, the colonial soldiers, about 10 in number were running after Ambazonian restoration fighters recently when an improvised explosive was detonated by the people’s liberation army.

BarataNews understands that the EID had been implanted ahead of any possible attack from the forces of occupation.

The right time to hit the target came when dozens of colonial elements started running after Ambazonian fighters in lebialem.

While the French Cameroun soldiers ran after the Ambazonian forces, they least expected that a master was waiting for them.

Dream FM reported that the soldiers soon got into the danger and the EID was immediately detonated living man of them seriously injured.

Unconfirmed sources said about 3 0f them died on the spot while others are in the hospital where they are battling between life and death.

It is worth mentioning that the lebialem county has been under the control of restoration forces for 3-years; a situation that has prompted colonial soldiers to lunch a failed counteroffensive.

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