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The Catholic Church in kumbo Mounts pressure for schools resumption in hiding.



Ambazonia Clergy

The Catholic Church in kumbo Mounts pressure for schools resumption in hiding.

With very little pressure at the level of church announcements, after Eucharistic celebrations, the Catholic Church has resorted in a meet the parents tour of their various parishes to pressure to have schools resume.

With instructions from the Bishop of kumbo, George Nkou, the diocesan education commission is doing rounds in the various parishes with the hope of having parents send their children to school come Monday September 4th

The BaretaNews informant in kumbo confirms that in some parishes visited today, the turn out was as much as 50 parents.

In their campaign they castigated social media actors as people who have never presented any problems to the state for solutions. They say the church had presented the people’s problems to the government and was awaiting for solutions while going on with their normal activities.

Parents should know that with plans by the government to forment a genocide as punishment for the successful resistance so far, there is a probable chance of an attack on children to blame it on the southern Cameroonians so as to justify their plans to kill our people.Stay safe and keep your children safe at home .

James Agbor

BaretaNews Correspondent

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