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Lamentations Of A Camerounese: We May Lose Our English People








A Lady ‘francophone’ at Paris has not stopped crying – she has been weeping bitterly and regrets that ‘anglophones are forming their own state’. She faults Paul Biya for poor handling of the protests that started late 2016. She begs for one last chance.

In her article titled, ‘Anglophones Have Aleady Created Their Republic’, Dr. Modestine Carole Tchatchouang Yonzou laments and almost turned her article to an application for Southern Cameroons citizenship. Her craving for the Anglo-Saxon culture did not go unnoticed. Hear her, ‘Personally, I am saddened by this fact, because not only do I like my English-speaking brothers that I would not like to lose under any pretext but the split of our country will result in the heavy and disastrous consequences’.

She also pours a heavy portion of the blame on her fellow citizens of La Republique du CameroUn whom she indicts, ‘While they (anglophones) struggled for the good of our country, francophones, in the best of cases, preferred to stay in their corners and watch them tormented by the regime, and at worst they insulted them. At one point one of our infamous journalists in the person of Jean Jack Ze dared to call them “rats” and instigated the Biya regime to use pesticides on them’.

Here is the translated version of her article from French to English. Do not forget to read through my Comment Section as usual. This is only an internet generated translation; it’s not the best but generally brings out the meaning of the article. Enjoy!!!

The Anglophones have already created their republic!

I inform you that there is a serious risk of partition from our country, people say it’s impossible. The most daring accuse me of instiguer secession. My dear, learn to read and understand.

I fought with English speakers at the greatest of the crisis. At First, 90 % of English speakers were against the partition. Apart from a few specific problems, they mostly had the same demands as francophones. While they struggled for the good of our country, francophones in the best of cases preferred to stay in their corners and watch them do, and at worst they insulted them at the point or one of our infamous journalist in Jean’s person Jack ze dared to call them “rats” by calling pest control.

The regime’s reaction was always violence. In front of the protesters with bare hands, we opposed an army that was shooting at civilians. Apart from mass killings, the military entered the cities and raped the female students. They were sleeping in the sewers on the street before they inflicted a public beating. Subsequently, a wave of massive arrests of leaders to date is being held in prisons where they are being treated as terrorists for using their basic right to social claims.

The biya regime, which introduced the reign of terror, believed that as with the French-speaking people or it was enough to hurt two civilians to silence a social movement, he was going to succeed with les. Only he did not understand that English speakers and francophones do not have the same spirit. Terror has made them stronger and more determined than ever.

The separatists who were put in a minority yesterday have won the sympathy of the people who think they have nothing to lose in the tyrannical regime of biya. As a result, 90 % of anglophones who yesterday wanted to improve living conditions now want complete independence. They all joined the separatists and it’s unanimous that the anglophones want secession.

Personally, I am saddened by this fact, because not only do I like my English-speaking brothers that I would not lose under any pretext, the split of our country will result in the heavy and disastrous consequences. Unfortunately, I am lucid enough to know that I am not the president of my English-speaking brothers. It is the mature beings who have decided to take their destinies in hand while we francophones have chosen to drown our worries (which for our greatest misfortune can swim) in alcohol and churches.

The reality of the fact today is that English speakers have their own National Television (they no longer look at the propaganda channel that is LA), they have their passport, the model of their currency, their flag, etc. and they are Received and listened to by the great nations that give a very attentive ear to their claim.

It is at the united nations level that the future of our country is now being played. We francophones trapped in the illusion as always do not realize that the world is moving on the other side with our brothers. English-speaking speakers are strongly mobilized and show solidarity with no other. The Appels calls from Jean Jack ze and company finally convince them that they have to unite if they don’t all want to perir.

In the face of this sinister design, there is still an opportunity to go back, no one can predict it. However, in my personal capacity, I think that if biya releases the imprisoned leaders, open a frank and sincere dialogue and agree to establish federalism, perhaps we can still hope… but as long as the strong man of etoudi thinks that The solution is in his armed militia who will continue to create terror, we are in trouble….

You should know that Cameroon does not live in a closed vase and the united nations guarantor of state security and therefore cameroon is a member will eventually decide what might be in favour of English speakers who have more than valid reasons to complain.

If you like your country as you claim, and if it is already too late, join the English speakers and put pressure on biya so that a peaceful solution can be found as soon as possible. I warned you in the past, I’m warning you again today, our country is adrift and it’s not your denial that will save him, but the action…. we have to act and fast before the boat goes down. Completely… in good word…!!!

Dr. Modestine Carole tchatchouang yonzou

My Comment: We hear you sister. I’d like to correct a few misnomers in your article. First, the word ‘anglophone’ is misplaced. We are not the ‘anglophone region’. We are British Southern Cameroonians currently under colonial rule. Secondly, secession is not the right word. Separation is apt. You secede when you formerly were part of. But as things stand, the British Southern Cameroons has never ever been properly united with La Republique du CameroUn. Art 102 of the UN CHarter provides that for any such union to be within the law, there must be a written agreement signed by both parties and deposited at the General Secretariat of the UN; failure which attracts the penalty in art 103 rendering the union null and void. Southern Cameroons is only SEPARATING from a defacto union; what in pidgin parlance we call ‘come we stay marriage’ not recognised, especially by your own legal system.

I am sorry but we have to say ‘kumbaya’ – we are gone. If at some point you feel like visiting Victoria, apply for a visa and come over. Our tour guides will take you around. But be sure to have plenty of money as our economy will be so great that cost of living will be comparable only to the most expensive cities in the world. If you want to be called an Ambazonian, follow due process and apply for citizenship, and if you meet the conditions as by our laws required, we will accord you one.

Bye for now, my sister.


From a federalist to an ‘independentist’. The Southern Cameroons MUST be free.

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