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La Republique SDF MP Condemns Curfews, Large Forms Of Violence, Others In Southern Cameroons








Joshua Nabangi Osih, Member of Parliament (MP) at the Nation Assembly of La republique du Cameroun (LRC), has condemned the curfew, restrictions on movement imposed on the population and all forms of violence perpetrated in the Northern and Southern Zone of Southern Cameroons. In a communique titled ‘Declaration of Hon. Joshua Osih,’ the parliamentarian from the Douala I constituency clearly spelled out that “Paul Biya is entirely responsible for the social deflagration observed so far because of his monarchical condescending manner and autism towards the people” of Southern Cameroons.

Joshua Osih, SDF MP for Wouri

According to Joshua Osih, applying too much military force against the people of Southern Cameroons, is a restriction to their universal rights. He intimated, too much militarization in the various counties of the two zones in Southern Cameroons, give the people an inferior standard of living, hence, provoking the people to emancipate themselves from any form of slavery, and revolt against the gangster regime.

“Freedom of movement within the national territory is a constitutional guaranteed right. Prohibiting the mobility of citizens from division to another in the Northwest Region, which by the way, is heavily militarised, transforms our compatriots living there into second class citizens, which in turn generates new frustrations and therefore gives credibility to those who espouse session. Even at the height of the war against Boko Haram, no such extreme measures were ever taken,” lamented Joshua Osih.

The extremely political letter which somewhat gave an opportunity for Osih Joshua to pass on his political egos, indicated Paul Biya’s presence as president of Cameroon, is the major cause of all frustration in the minds of denizens. He indicated the people of Southern Cameroons have long divorced with Paul Biya, reason why they are advocating for the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons.

Osih’s Press Release

“Biya is not ignorant to the fact that the desired de-escalation is severely compromised as long as he is in power. This is evident in the fact that he considers Cameroons as beyond him, and cannot therefore be bothered to meet the people, since the beginning of this crisis, or at all,” Joshua Osih said.

Joshua Osih who initially hails from the Ndian County in Southern Cameroons, but has naturalised in LRC, has stood out among the few citizens of Cameroun who have repeatedly been criticising the government of LRC for illegal occupation of the land of the people of Southern Cameroons. Unfortunately, many of his outings have been sandwiched between fulfilling his political egoism, and clearly supporting the restoration struggle of the people of Southern Cameroons. Simply put, most of the outings of Joshua Osih have been marked and marred by his ability to use the current situation in Southern Cameroons to push through his political agenda.

Though credits be giving for his repeated outings when need be, to criticise illegal occupation of colonial forces and administrators in the land of Southern Cameroons, it is however disheartening to see Osih Joshua always using the situation as stepladder for the attainment of his political ambitions.

BaretaNews uses this opportunity to continue the campaign for all Southern Cameroons MPs serving in LRC’s parliament, to resign and join their people, at least, now that they still have a chance.

In the current struggle, the lingering question has always been, what are Anglophone lawmakers or MPs still doing in the LRC House of Parliament? They had their own House of Parliament and House of Chiefs. They abandoned it many years ago and joined LRC House of Parliament. If they want to leave, they are free to do so without further permission or any dialogue with Biya. The troubling situation is that, SC MPs have already been assimilated and consumed by the rotten culture of corruption in LRC; greed and politics of the stomach, which presents a serious roadblock to a smooth and successful transition towards the restoration and sovereignty and of SC statehood.

By Muma Lucas,

Managing Editor, BaretaNews

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