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Ayah Shames Lawyers- They are Ignorant



Ayah Paul Abine, Supreme Court Advocate in his Facebook page has given a big blow to Cameroun Lawyers. He wrote:

Once upon a time, the legal profession was said to be the learned profession. It is most highly unlikely that educated people, let alone honest intellectuals, can so hold today; much less defend it. The last foregoing statement is neither a judgment nor a criticism: it is a statement of fact. Lawyers these days are either simply empty-heads, or they are of bad faith – having sold their integrity to political machinations and self-serving intrigues.


The “Talking Point” on Equinox Television this Monday, July 4, 2016, has just ended; and what some self-proclaimed leading lawyer in Cameroun asserted is exceedingly nauseating. Actually, he falls below even the standard of a novice in the law. As he is of the so-called opposition, one wonders all the more if he can look into his eyes in the mirror and still have the courage to take a seat different from those he has been criticizing so consistently are sitting.

How could someone learn in the law assert with such colossal effrontery that he is requesting the President of the republic not to promulgate a law enacted by parliament? That’s the epitome of false pretenses! A layman can so smear himself in the mire of ignorance – not the learned!

For his information and culture, the constitution of Cameroun enjoins the President of the Republic to promulgate a law enacted by parliament within a maximum period of fifteen days from its enactment. Should the President of the Republic fail so to act, the President of the National Assembly shall promulgate? The only latitude the President of the Republic has to stop the time from running is when he requests for a second reading. At the end of the second reading, time starts running again. That is indeed the situation with the penal code!

The duty of the President of the Republic to promulgate within the deadline of fifteen days is mandatory. To put it otherwise, the President of the Republic has no discretion even just to exceed the deadline as per the letter of the constitution. God alone knows which international instrument, (the only law above the constitution), grants the President of the Republic the prerogative to refrain from promulgating a law enacted by the people’s representatives as the Equinox lawyer did assert.

If lawyers do so fumble starkly, then Cameroun truly na wah!



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