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La Republique Court Sentences Anglophone Detainees







La Republique Court Sentences Anglophone Detainees

BaretaNews is getting reports that our compatriots in Yaounde junta jails have suffered first La Republique jail sentence in line with the Anglophone crisis.

BaretaNews is told Njinoh Titus and Fung Calemba were both sentenced to 12 years and 10 years respectively. This was done in abstencia since February 21,2018.

Worthy to note is that neither of the accused nor their lawyers were aware of such a heavy sentence. We are told they were only informed of the court’s verdict today March 08,2018, that is 15 days after the said judgement and 5 days late for appeal filing.

The verdict goes thus :

Njinoh Titus
– 12 years imprisonment
– To pay 1000.000 into the state treasury
– Prison fine of 463,280 fcfa
If he can’t pay, 18 months imprisonment will be added.

Fung Calemba,
-10 months imprisonment
– prison fine of 328.946fcfa
If he can’t pay, 12 months jail terms will be added.

These sentences are coming at a time security issues in Anglophone Cameroon is on all time high with La Republique forces actively undergoing barbaric activities.

These sentences remind us that La Republique is not ready for any form of dialogue and/or negotiations. It is a stark reminder to all of us that Mancho Bibixy and all others in jail will be sentenced. It’s a message to us that we must come together now than before, collaborate to reach the finish line.

It is the position of BaretaNews that despite the sentences, the revolution shall not end until we see everyone out. It’s the first step for any possible dialogue and or negotiations. The people of Southern Cameroons must continue to push on especially with self defense actions until La Republique breaks to the point where they will talk and negotiate.

The international community has on several occasions calls for dialogue and release of detainees as the first step to dialogue. All these have fallen on deaf eyes.

Ambazonians must recall that we are on our own. It is either we live free or die.

Mark Bareta

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