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French Cameroun Meets Waterloo In Kumbo



LRC Meets Waterloo In Kumbo

By Mbah Godlove

The warriors of Bui have once again demonstrated their strong resolve to liberate Ambazonia from La Republique du Cameroun’s colonial rule in a fierce battle this Tuesday.

Intelligence reports from Kumbo indicate that the colonial military recorded severe casualties following a nerve stretching encounter with Ambazonia forces which lasted for nearly nine hours.

During the battle which broke out this September 3, the Bui warriors exercised their military literacy, overpowering the La Republique military despite its heavy artillery.

After completely shattering one of the vehicles transporting the enemies, the Bui warriors chanted the Ambazonian Anthem as they charged down towards BBH where the dreadful confrontation ended.

“The first car that arrived Tobin is carrying bloody corpses. Their colleagues are crying like babies,” a source told Scandy Media.

The warriors are receiving much accolades from many a Kumbo inhabitant for their bravery and high sense of professionalism.

Meantime, residents of Bui County have been in total solidarity with the Ground Zero Defense Council as lockdown day two was highly honored in the area.

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