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Ambazonia Forces Record Massive Victory in Buea Combat



Interim Government of Buea

Ambazonian Fighters Record Massive Victory in Buea Combat

By Mbah God love

Ambazonia Forces aka Mountain Lions have recorded an overwhelming Victory in Buea following the killing of several elements of the colonial military in a recent outing.

As BN had earlier reported, pro-independence fighters undertook a deadly mission against French Cameroun soldiers in Muea, a locality in the outskirt of the Ambazonia capital Saturday, May 15.

Reliable information reaching BN shows that at least 5 unruly soldiers belonging to the regime of occupation perished during the confrontation.

Several weapons were confiscated, their vehicle demolished, while several others sustained life-threatening injuries.

Saturday’s lamentable defeat has left the colonial administration of Buea in fear given that some soldiers have reportedly attempted to quit the country’s military.

As the Ambazonian Fighters celebrate the Muea victory, their senior commanders have undertaken the commitment to restore sanity in Buea.

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