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Colonial Governor Lele Suspends Motorbike Circulation, Orders Retribution in Northern Zone







In a communique released by La Republique’s colonial governor Lele Lafrique Adolphe, today March 8 , the colonial civil administrator has indefinitely suspended the movement of motorbikes within certain counties in the Northern Zone. Such a move takes away the livelihood of the people, and will only radicalised the people more as they become jobless.

The colonial administrator who says he has the statutory provision granting him the authority to implement such a restriction, at the same time using the maintenance of law and order, preservation of the so called peace designated three counties as the motivation for issuing the order.

The wanton communique focused on five key sections

– Suspending motorbikes circulations in Batibo, Widikum, and Balikumbat.

-Throughout the period of the aforementioned order, motorbikes are prohibited from moving about during day and night.

-Administrative bikes will be granted a waiver-meaning the order doesn’t apply to them, bikes belonging to colonial security forces will be authorized to circulate at will.

-Threats of prosecution will be issued against persons caught violating this order. It’s safe to assume confiscation of bikes when seized is also part of the package.

-The colonial SDOs for Momo county and Ngoketunja alongside the security forces have been charged with the strict implementation of the colonial governor’s order.

It would seem La Republique is testing the resolve of the people of the Northern Zone once again with such an order, knowing full well many of the denizens there are depended on motor taxis for their livelihood. As the cycle of violence prevails in Ground Zero, the call for dialogue stalled, the killings continue, grounding motorbikes from circulating is the quickest way to radicalization the youths who thus far might be hanging on the fence. But what else is to be expected from La Republique which has been slow to reason but quick to exert brute force as a solution to every problem.



Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst

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